My name is Tammy, or you can call me tamtam
This blog is a raw, unfiltered version of myself, call it a diary if you will. You’re invited to join me on my journey through art, fashion and life. Why is this blog titled "Illuminated Tammy"? Because, just like a light bulb, we all illuminate when we're inspired, this blog is filled with anything and everything that inspires me; in other words, I blog when my inspiration is illuminated by a subject:)
I dream to inspire the restless, the hopefuls, to dare to dream even when everything tells you otherwise. I want my blog to be that little voice inside of you that will always be there to remind you; why you started everything, to restart the passion, to remember that hard work always pays off.

Other than being a blogger, I’m also an aspiring fashion designer:)
From a very young age, I have known that my love for art would inspire my world both visually and emotionally. In high school, I was greatly involved with the arts program and quickly found myself falling in love with various genres of art, anywhere from photography, ceramics to the bare minimal 2B pencil sketches.
Through my design journey, I quickly found myself immersed into the art of fashion. I moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2009 where I began my bachelor of design degree.
The greatest feeling in the world is to dream, be inspired by an idea as small as a raw crack on a sidewalk and allow for these natural wonders to inspire you to life. The art of fashion has opened my eyes and my design process has taken me on journeys where I’ve been fortunate enough to see my ideas formulate into reality.
I want my designs to capture and celebrate the seemingly unimportant. In fleeting moments, I aspire to seal the most beautiful moments eternally in my designs, to document the process and encase the developing journey. I hope that my designs will evoke emotions, and a story will begin to unravel with the wearer.

**currently based in Sunny Singapore

You can check out my portfolio at

toodles till later

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