Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Étude house grand opening [singapore]

Hello hello:)
Decided to get back to writing:) 
I know this space has turned into a series of sob stories lately but I decided to write something light and happy today!:)
I rarely do hauls, but I just had so much fun at Etude house, I thought it would be fun to keep that joyful memory in words here<3

Here's a recap of my day at étude house with my best friend, Kiyoko:) !
After seeing Miyake's Instagram post of the Disney princess étude house collection, I was determined to rush down the day after for the Disney collection!
Because ya know, anything Disney equals Tammy's weakness<3

Unlike my best friend who is a professionally trained MUA and make up cosmetics enthusiast, Im just a foundation, base, eyeliner, lipbalm kinda gal so you're probably thinking Tammy in etude [beauty heaven] house what?!

Well..... Here's what I've to say to that!
As a designer myself, I gotta say my ultimate shopping weakness has got to be packaging! 😍😍 and it helps that I have a bestie that constantly takes me on make up adventures while I make her go with me on fashion sprees<3
My best friend took these interior pictures on my camera so all credit to her for most of these gorg pichurs.
Here's the Disney princess collection set up!:)

There's a total of four Disney princesses: Belle, Cinderella, Snow White and Jasmine!
The cool part about this collection is that each princess has a specific cosmetic type allocated.

Belle : lipstick and rosy blushes

Cinderella : eye shadow

Snow White : bb cream, lipstick

Jasmine : mascara

And all four princesses for the nail polishes !

Im sure my bestie will give you a better run down on the application of the make up products so I'll just do a journey through the newly launched Etude house flagship store in Singapore and my mini shopping collection!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to take a picture of the entrance but it was the cutest! Think princess floral pinks, pom pom flower vases, pink carpets, some good looking boys fronting the gate, and if that's not enough to make your heart skip a beat then the next thing I'm going to show you just might do that!

It's as sturdy as it looks! It's gorgeous! The attention to detail was thoroughly perfected! I mean look at that pink mini staircase! I almost felt under dressed when I saw this carriage!

Beside the carriage were these yummy looking macaroons and cakes set up!
A fun photobooth set up! That you can take with your friends! You need 2 pink coins to use this special photobooth!:)

pink coins are redeemed with purchase!:)
<20$ for 1 pink coin that you can use to redeem an étude house charm.
<50$ for 2 pink coins!:)

Together, we collected 4 pink coins with our purchases; we decided to take one photobooth picture and use the other one for a charm!:)
This is the charm I got!:)

After doing a 360 panorama scan with my eyes of the place, I was ready to shop!!!
My eyes were pretty much on an impulse shopping spree but I managed to control my physical self to only buy what I could/might at least see myself using.

And this is what happened next lol.

I immediately picked up all the Disney princess nail polishes because that book packaging um, can we just agree, LOVE?! plus, I do loooovvveeee prettifying my short nails ! so I knew I couldn't go wrong with that purchase.
Here's a run down of every princess book;)

Jasmine from Aladdin
Magic lamp & antique mint
Blue dress & crystal shoes
Snow White
Kissing pop red & red apple
Purple rose & pink rose

My favorite? Definitely the belle colors!!
I couldn't wait another day, I immediately painted my nails 'pink rose' and was pleasantly surprised by how warm and rosy it was!
If I had to summarize this belle nail set in one picture, this would be it! 💗🌹 I can't wait to try the 'purple rose' color!
I promise I'll update this post as I go so you can see every single nail polish color from the collection! 

What caught my eye next, was the Belle blush, it was  available in two rosy colors. [hehe, see what I did there] I decided to pick up the lighter pink blush shade as the shop assistant suggested I pick that one because it would better compliment my fair skin.

This is what it looks like on the inside! how pretty is the rose decor of the powder blush!
tammy's weakness
We also both picked up the limited edition pumpkin carriage cushion case too!
It comes empty so you can pick up your appropriate BB cushion shade refill for the case!:) and you can easily refill it when it runs out so no worries! You'll never have to say goodbye to this magical case;)
Look at the fine decor details on the mirror! I love it! 
The awesome staff at étude house recommended me to get 'magic pink' for my skin tone:)
How cute is the sponge! It's pink to fit the shade, if you get 'mint' you'll get a green sponge!:)

Woah! what a wordy post! hehe ! I had such a fun time shopping, walking through Etude house and
this post pretty much summarized how magical it felt!:)
Please do check  out my bestie's blog post on our etude house adventure too!

toodles till later
and this time I mean it, I promise I wont be gone for months again:)

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