Tuesday, December 31, 2013

525,600 minutes | 23 things I'm grateful for in 2013

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As you all know 2013 hasn't been easy for me, I've been quiet to the public about my injury but here it is, Ive not been able to grip a pencil for 6 months now and walk comfortably either but that hasn't stopped me from living my life as best as I can. Just have to keep holding on:) darkest before dawn right? recovery is near:)I've been injured for the most part and am still in the process of recovery. I shan't go into all the pain and drama as I think it's better to celebrate the good and reflect on how amazing my life has been despite all of that.

Here are 23 things/people I'm so grateful for in 2013
How do you measure a year?
I'm measuring my life in love<3
In no particular order:)

1. Working with fashion guru Chriselle, not once but twice in 2013

2. The kind words/love from new friends, however small you may think it is has made a world of difference - your encouragement and enthusiasm for my work has given me so much strength and purpose to keep fighting for this recovering- Shu an | Agri:)

3. Miyake | Yutaki : this year has been filled with frowns for me but in the short time I've gotten to spent with you guys; it has always been nothing but laughter and joy. Thank you guys for being so genuinely kind and just most of all just being yourself!:)
4. I've designed more layouts this year than any other! ChriselleLim | davenmayeda | krazyrayray | allthatglitters21 | Ellesglittergossip | ngmiyake | sunnydayhe | shrutishekar
Most of all the priceless friendships that have come out of designing for you guys:) I couldn't ask for more!

5. Working and knowing Elle Fowler! Elle, I just want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you! you're incredibly down to earth and such a sweet heart! I feel blessed in every way to know you!:) Thank you for the kind words and love:) 6:40 to see the feature! The sweetest surprise ever

6. Rekindled friendship. Roseanne, thank you for being the bigger person and coming back into my life when I need you most. Your weekly visits since my injury began are priceless to me. Thank you for giving me so much love and care during this dark period of my life. I'll always remember and cherish our simple but meaningful meet ups

7. Kiyoko - even though we're not in the same country, that hasn't stopped us from being very much present in each other's life. You've constantly been there for me through this battle and I love you for that bestie! Nothing can change our friendship. I feel incredibly blessed and I cherish our friendship like no other, you're like the sister I never had. we're infinite
8. I met designers Peter Pilotto and Nicholas Kirkwood! Dreams really do come true ! I would never ever imagined it could actually happen!

9. Meeting and chatting with author Lang Leav! thanks penguin sg and kino for the love!:) beautiful collection of poems, short but incredibly rich in life perspective<3
10. Being invited by Tiffany & co to the Singapore movie premiere of The great gatsby! :) absolute fav book next to catcher in the rye

 11.catching a glimpse of David Beckham
12. Meeting Bagaholicboy :)
 13. Meeting Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam tsui :)
14. Meeting Jason Chen

 15. Wendy {wengie} becoming friends with you was so natural:) we got along like we have known each other all our lives! You have such a beautiful soul and so incredibly hard working:) I'm so proud of all you've achieved dear friend.

16. Meeting Patricia Mok and Hong Hui Fang

17. TifffanyLeu- You've such an amazing part of my support system;) thank you for being here for me and putting a smile on my face whenever you can. Our friendship has grown and I can't wait for more adventures with you<3
18. Had the opportunity to attend AFF 2013 Ashley Isham and Peter Pilotto shows:) after party
19. Concerts and F1- jay Chou with Angel and F1 bigbang, Rihanna, the killers, Justin Bieber

20. Sabby- you're one of my bestest friends, thank you for being here for me. You're like the lil sis I wish I had. #sabbytammy

21. Beginnings of my fashion line is starting to take shape! I'm so excited even though I still can't hold a pen, comfortably. I'm hopeful in the recovery:) I can't wait to show the world!

22. Of course daddy and mummy. You guys are the greatest parents. I feel incredibly blessed in every way to have you both. I'm thankful to have you walk with me through this. I'm sorry for making your worry<3thank you for putting up with me, crying, laughing with me, and believing in my dreams! I love you both to the moon and back.

23. The rest of you!:) thank you for all the love and emails! I've received over 100 emails ! You have seriously put the perfect end to my 2013

What's next? I don't know, but I'm hopeful and have so much faith in a full recovery. My fashion line is launching next year!:) an injury can't stop me from dreaming or living my life:) 2014 is just the beginning:)

Toodles till later
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