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MBMJ♡ : Stacy neon checked taffeta-twill skirt

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Yay! My favorite category to write, my Marc by Marc Jacobs spotlight feature!
If you don't know my love for anything and everything Marc Jacobs, where have you been?! haha just kidding! but you can read all about it HERE
I was actually contemplating on putting off this post till I get an OOTD look together for this skirt [because... guilty..  I own it >,<] but you know what, if I waited till then it might just as well be next year lol

I really wanted to share this awesome find with you guys before it goes off the shelf! So.. here we go!
Today I'm introducing to you my new favorite skirt from Marc by Marc Jacobs, it is the Stacy neon checked taffeta-twill skirt!

This awesome skirt is offered in two fun candy colors, a pink/blue/violet check and a orange/pink/coral check! It has a super fun bubble balloon shape with oversized pockets!
The thing I loved about this skirt was the potential I saw in it to be a fun casual dress down, high top sneakers type outfit or for a dressier high heel girl's night out kinda look so I thought yay, why not! :)
If you were wondering, I own the pink/blue/violet check version!

I knew I was in love with this skirt the moment I saw it! Then again, how can Tammy resist candy colored.... um anything? I absolutely love this skirt and how fun it is but I have to confess, it has been quite a journey hunting down items I could match it with!

The pieces I tried to match it with were either too loud/bold/bright just like the skirt or were too dull so it ended up putting too much focus on the skirt; argh,  I just couldn't win! 
hehe, now you're thinking, WHAT IS IT!!! what have you found?:) well hehe.. I think I'll save it for another post -> I know. what a tease right lol. 

Anyways, now we've come to the end of this post! you probably wondering where you could get yourself this little awesome candy skirt! well you can check out the orange/pink/coral check version at net-a-porter for $884.07. Unfortunately, the version I own is sold out:( but I think the orange/pink/coral is just as fun! :) Alternatively, if you have a MBMJ store near you, you can always hunt down the skirts there too!:) I got mine at the Singapore Mandarin Gallery MBMJ brunch under club21:)

So tell me, which one of these yummy candy skirts do you like more?
Leave me your comments! I would love to hear from you!

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Toodles till later

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  1. Hands down love the one you have!!!! Super cuuuute!!!!! Cant wait to see your OOTD!☆


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