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MBMJ♡ : Phone Box Dots


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I'm sure that my love for Marc Jacobs is apparent through my millions of indirect references on my blog. Where do I even begin to tell you how much I adore anything and everything that is Marc Jacobs. I thought it would only be appropriate if I sectioned out an entire category on my blog to Marc Jacobs:) There will be two brand new categories! The first, Marc Jacobs-main line, related news to my design hero<3; the second, which is the category we're on right now will be dedicated to my much loved diffusion line [MBMJ] short for Marc by Marc Jacobs. 

Without further ado...
 I present to you, the first ever MBMJ post!

I'm sure I'm speaking for most girls here, when I say.. I'm only using an iPhone because of all the designer cases on the market! Well.. I recently got a Samsung note II but here's the interesting part, while I love it and all... I love it as a tablet not a phone!
Why Tammy? why oh why... do you like the iPhone more.. & why... are we talking about your phone!
Okay, sorry, got sidetracked. Well..the whole point about bringing that up is this, while I love the functionality of the phone, I'm sticking to my iPhone because I am absolutely in love with my MBMJ cases! Look what I found! My Samsung note would never fit in that! lol
Check out more pictures after the jump

I am absolutely in love with this case, I know a lot people are probably thinking, isn't it kind of a hassle to take your phone in and out of the case as opposed to just a cover case. Well, I see this awesome case as more of an accessory, a bag for your phone. You're not going to necessarily be using this as a on-the-go kind of case but for a night out with the girls, this is pretty much the perfect accessory to be rocking, plus.. it doubles as a storage for some cash.
The "phone box" is 100% lamb leather featuring an "all-over polka-dot pattern with a sleek chain to be worn on the shoulder. Clasp closure at the top."
The polka dots on the box are small golden hardwares which gives the entire design a really chic finishing.
I am absolutely loving the contrast of the gold hardware on the chain, lock, polka dots and the negative contrast of the leather shoulder strap, and the overall box.
Wondering what it looks like on the inside? :)
There are two little compartments on each side for you to keep some cash for a quick run to the store, or the first option of your girl's night out:)
As you can see, the phone box is constructed in a controlled structured way so it doesn't completely flop open to a 180 degrees rather an appropriate degree for you to slot your things in but not damage the structure.
I adore the lock on the phone box, I have obviously not seen this in real life but I can guess from the picture that it is a snap and lock so it'll be an extremely secured as oppose to a magnet closing.

I am definitely keeping a look out for this phone box when it arrives in stores!
How much is this awesome Phone Box Dots you ask? according to the website, it is $258.00 USD
You're probably thinking, that's a pretty hefty sum for a "phone case" but remember this, it really isn't limited to just being a phone case, it could be for your iPod, iTouch or any other electronic you can fit into it or a lipstick case;) I might just get this for my iTouch now that I think about it!

 In the meantime, you can purchase it online at the official Marc Jacobs website
click any of the pictures to go straight to the url:)

I hope you enjoyed this quick post!
Tell me, are you loving this case? Would you rock this? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

toodles till later


  1. LOVE this, I've been obsessed with minaudieres forever!



  2. Oooh too cute! I love the gold dot/studs :D

    Stay fabulous,


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