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You[tues]day : Child of the 90s | Internet Explorer

Images with [IlluminatedTammy] watermark were personally screen-shoted and collaged by me, images without the watermark are from an external source :) Frames were all screen-shoted from the official Internet Explorer youtube video that will be linked at the end of this blog post:)

Hello hello!

Sorry I've been incredibly MIA since the beginning of 2013;) but I've been so busy being a tour guide [A really bad one] to my friends that have visited Singapore!
I have quite a few post lined up so get ready for a big flood of blog entries;)
Also! If you didn't know.. I just renewed my first ever domain!, it is officially 1 years young! haha
I really want to get into blogging more frequently but I've realized.. I really really like to write.. a lot->I can't complete a blog post fast enough
Hence, "I'm going to write a blog entry everyday" is an extremely unrealistic goal to have at this point so instead of dropping that resolution completely.. I'm going to adapt my schedule to it!
I'm going to start categorizing days so you'll be promised a post pretty much everyday!
I've noticed that I spend about 3/4 of my time watching youtube videos so I thought.. why not put my bad habit to some good! right?

Since today is tuesday, I've decided to begin the new category You [Tues] day haha, get it? youtube day?;) I'm so punny:P
The videos can be from any genre at all! If it inspires, fascinates, intrigues, it shall be here!
I recently caught this commercial that I thought was perhaps one of the best concept commercials I've seen in a while! It brought back so many memories! I am a 90s baby, to be exact, 1990!
This commercial was incredibly nostalgic, I loved the concept! so I decided it would be great to create a photo-video blog to share with you guys!
Of course, I'm not getting paid or am in anyway affiliated with Internet Explorer! I really just genuinely love the commercial for what it is!
You'll noticed that I've left a few moments of the commercial out because I thought it would be a little more personal if I only picked the ones that I really related to/grew up with
I decided to write short little descriptions after several screenshots-> like short commentaries

Without further ado... let's begin!
we are members of generation Y
as in Ying Yang
[I still have my pink yoyo!]
Life moved a little slower
[Remember dial up? haha]
Disk were square
[Can you guys remember this? I remember still using this in High School! literally back in 2009? woah!]
Desktop folders had personality
 [Don't we all have millions and millions of these? Literally for every single period? I had one for every class, was pretty much my favorite part of every new school year! getting new folders!]
The only thing buzzing in your pocket was a pet.
[Of course, we all had our trusty tamagotchis :)]
but at least a troll was still a friend.
[I loved this entire commercial but if I had to pick a single, most witty frame as my favorite, it would be this! I absolutely loved the play on words here, especially because a troll back in generation Y is definitely not what they call a troll in this new generation so it really gives you a timeline jump in perspective-> perhaps the slang aspect of the new generation]
Lunch was a puzzle not a picture
[Lunch was really just lunch back then huh? haha I don't know how I survived without instagram lol]
You didn't have to worry about a newsfeed full of farm animals
You were busy feeding wild animals
[This would be my second favorite concept shot with the comparison of the ever popular facebook farming games --> to our much loved hungry hungry hippo game! Seriously, do kids these days still play hungry hungry hippo!!!??!?!]
You really had nothing to lose!
[This shot totally warmed my heart! first-> look at the studded belt, I had that in middle school!!! ++ second! That's how we all hooked our wallets so we would never lose them! ahh!! bringing back so many memories!]
The future was bright
You grew up..
and so did we;)

That concludes the commercial and the first You[tues]day!:)
I really hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.
You need to check out the actual video, if you're part of generation Y, I promise you'll love this commercial!

Tell me! which moments you loved the most, what reminded you of your childhood!
Leave your thoughts in the comment section below
If you have any suggestions for You[tues]day, send me a message! or tweet me at @tammyjtew !

I promise I won't be gone this long again!
toodles till later

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