Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You[tues]day : Canon EOS 650D Commercial

All images belong to the Canon EOS 650D commercial, I have linked the video I screenshot these images from at the end of the post.
Images with [IlluminatedTammy] watermark were personally screen-shoted, collaged by me, including gifs. images without the watermark are from an external source :) 

Hello hello!

Since I've begun you[tues]day it feels as though the days are just flying by only to end up on tuesday again! If you notice, the last post was also written for You[tues]day but by no means does that mean, that's all I write on my blog. I promise! but see, I was right! If I set a category day, I will be forced to write it! With that said, can I just say how much I'm starting to love this category. I'm always on the hunt for new and inspiring videos on youtube for you[tues]day and so far the results has been amazing! The video I have for you this week is probably a familiar one if you watch a lot of television in Asia! or.. if you're a Canon camera fanatic.


It is the...
Canon EOS 650D commercial!

The reason why I love making videoblogs is because first of all, I have great appreciation and respect for film, especially when I think about how many frames are literally being filmed to create a 1 minute clip. I am such a huge fan of stop motion, you'll notice I use lots of stop motion in my own work for fashion. I think that the work that goes into filming a 3 minutes clip is under appreciated! There is an incredible amount of work for what many may consider a short quick fleeting minute but a 3 minutes clip can literally be a good day worth of footage and mind you, that's not even including editing time! So I think by going through the process of actually screenshooting my favorite moments from a film, it can perhaps allow me to appreciate the actual film piece ten times more-> for instead of watching the film as a continuous clip, I now get to experience each frame as an important entity of its own. Trust me, you'll notice the most beautiful details that you've missed from just glancing it as an entire video.  

I really value the actual motion of a video so I thought it would be only appropriate if I showed you how much work has to be put in to produce a 2 second clip! I've decided to include GIFs to the photoblog as well so you can perhaps for the lack of a better word, experience the video in a short stop-motion. As always, I've screenshot every single frame! + this time even more frames to create the short gifs. Some moments can be captured in a single frame but for some part of the film, a picture just can't do a moment justice so I thought, hey! some gifs never hurt;) Say helllloooo to You[tues]day 2.0, photos+gifs!

Let's begin!
My name is Kate and I am a botanist.
I love the focusing process, clips like these gives the audience a first hand perspective of how the camera would work in their hands
When I was a little girl, there was a small flower bed outside my window
Dad called it my secret garden
I loved it, I kept a little journal just for it
Nature never ceases to amaze me...

all the time
These days, my EOS is my journal
It's kind of like an extension of my eye and even heart
capturing moments I find impossible to put into words

 I think I've never quite stopped being that little girl with a flower bed outside her window
except my flower bed is now much bigger

I really hope you enjoyed this update of You[tues]day 2.0 ;) It was incredibly inspiring to create, I think the gifs are a great addition to the category! It just gives it so much life, the short stop motion just gives these amazing frames a whole new dimension when strung together.

as always, here is the actual video!:)

So tell me, what moments would you capture with your EOS?
Toodles till later

I'm just making final plans for my first giveaway! hehe. stay tune! I promise it's going to be a good one!
p.s. It's not a camera. haha.

Of course, I have to make this disclaimer clear! I am not sponsored or affiliated in any way to Canon! With that said though, I am completely in love with Canon camera ads! I mean come on! best song choice ever? + i am a sucker for Canon cameras too, you know what's funny? I actually own the Canon 650D yep! the camera in this commercial! but I didn't see this commercial till after I bought it!

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