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I love ♡ : Grammy Mini Mes!

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Hope everyone is having a fab weekend so far, I'm back with a super cute post!
You might remember the golden globes mini me, and of course the cute 8 mini mes Katy Perry brought with her to the Much Much Awards

Ever wondered what the mini-mes would look like for the Grammy Award 2013? if so, you're in luck my friend;) 

You might remember photographer Tricia Messeroux's Mini me for the Golden Globes, starring mini-mes of Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, Lucy Liu, also Taylor Swift! Well Tricia is back again with a set of Grammy Awards 2013 red carpet toddlers photography!
This project of hers is titled [Toddlewood] haha, get it? Hollywood?  I'm a punster;)
I would actually love to see her Mini-Me take on Katy Perry!

Check out the 2013 Grammy's red carpet! + their Mini-mes

I love how minimal but intricate her black and white jumpsuit is with an added surprise of the kimono sleeve, tres chic! The jumpsuit is by Osman Studio. The little mini me is rocking pretty much the same jumpsuit! I only wish she had a peep-toe flat to match Beyonce's peep-toe heels!


Adele is in Valentino with her mini me in a similar silhouette dress. Again, I wish they matched the shoes to the dress but don't get me wrong, I still think it's super cute!! I actually don't mind that the dress is actually different for the miniature Adele, I think it definitely works! Instead of having her identical, you get to appreciate the mini me in her own unique way with just similar major features to the real Adele!

Carrie Underwood is wearing a strapless Roberto Cavalli! I love that her mini-me has a more vivid version of her dress. If you notice, her hair is also slightly more golden based but you'll see that they totally got all the major features on point! The soft curls of Carrie's hair, the necklace, strapless dress, laced details on the upper half while allowing the rest of the bottom half of the lace to drape over the solid color! ah! I can already imagine how beautiful it is as the light hits through the negative spaces with movement.

Justin Timberlake is dressed in a Tom Ford suit! haha, only appropriate right? I mean.. [Suit & Tie] but then.. he really should wear a tie then>.< but I quite like the bow tie choice! Is it just me but I think the mini Justin could totally pass for a mini Jake Gyllenhaal too!

I loved Kelly Osbourne's outfit for the Grammys! The dress is from Paule Ka, absolutely loving the cut-out. I loved that they also made sure that the mini Kelly was rocking Kelly Osbourne's purple hair but of course a more vivid version of it!

LL Cool J
How cute is this! This little boy is literally the perfect mini me for LL Cool J! Rocking it out with a white suit, black bow tie and black cap! I wonder if this is how LL Cool J looked as a toddler!

They obviously had to keep it super PG for the toddler doppelganger version of Rihanna as her dress was pretty much sheer in the upper half haha. Rihanna's dress is from Azzedine Alaia. Again, they stayed true to the major features of Rihanna's styling for the grammys such as the red dress, the crisscross up the top but replacing it with a satin fabric instead of the sheer! Her bold red lips! and her soft wavy curls and if you look closely, even the red nails!
Haha, this is pretty much spot on, they're identical! They both have semi-high top sneakers and rocked the gold chain. and mohawk for the win right?;) can't go wrong with this one. 

This isn't the first Taylor Swift mini-me in toddlewood! She also had a mini-me for the Golden Globes toddlewood project but I definitely think this is a better version! Taylor's dress is from J. Mendel. I've always thought Taylor looked better with bangs so I'm glad she's been rocking the bangs for her RED album tour. They totally got her signature cat winged eye make up down too for the mini me! Her little doppelgänger is dressed in a similar white dress with silver accents as a design feature. Love how minimal but effortlessly stunning it is on Taylor. If I had to pick my favorite toddler representation of a celebrity, it would without a doubt be Taylor Swift's mini-me!

That concludes the Grammy 2013 Toddlewood project!

Tell me, who do you wish you could see a toddler version of?

Which one was your favorite? As for me... you already know haha. I want to see a Katy Perry version soon!!

Leave your thoughts in the comment sections and I promise I'll respond!:)

toodles till later

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