Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! ♡

Hello hello!

Happy Valentine's day!!
what have you prepared for your valentine date?
Something customized? personalized? or created your own set of personalized chocolates?
Well.. I've got something that will bring the entire personalized concept to a new level.

Personalized miniature chocolate replicas of your heads!

Yes! you read it right!
In fashion, I've also worked with a 3D body scanner, I thought using the 3D body scanner in fashion
was already pretty advanced in terms of how far we can take technology and adapting it to other unrelated fields, but this chocolate creation just brought 3D scanning to a whole new dimension of woah?-> again.. I'm so punny. :P
In time for Valentine's Day, KS Design Lab had people come in and try out the 3D body scanners to make mini-chocolate replicas of themselves!

Check out how real they look!
Now, you're probably wondering... how does it work?
Doesn't it take a super long time to create this mini-me?

Now you're thinking.. mm..what if I don't quite like how I look in the scan.. I just want to change one little thing... I mean...afterall.. I AM GOING TO BECOME A CHOCOLATE for my friends to eat.. I better look good!
haha, no worries! After scanning, you can still edit your facial details and what not before sending it all off to the 3D printer!

 How do I create the mould to make the chocolate? and how do I create the chocolates?
Basically, in a nutshell, this is how it works-
Think about how you would create ice cubes in a freezer. You've got the ice maker mould which is the negative shape, you then fill in the water to fill up these negative spaces which will in time make the positive pieces, tadaaaaaa, your ice cubes!

You scan your face/face features/head/face shape etc. in the 3D body scanner that will create the negative shape of them. Your body/face/YOU--> are the positive shape.
The negative shape will then form a mould for you to create replicas of yourself!
The 3D printer will then print out your own new customized 3D negative mould of yourself!

Once you have the mould, you just have to pour in the chocolate!--> remember the ice cube analogy?
Your chocolate will help create your positive shape (YOU)
Wait 15 minutes and TADAAAAAAA, your mini you chocolates are ready!

 Now, you're probably wondering where this mysterious place to create your one-of-a-kind chocolate is!
It's a ten minutes walk from Tokyo's Shibuya station!:) Head to Fab Cafe and create your own customized chocolate heads! Check out their official website at-->
I don't think I could eat this! Especially... if it was someone I knew >.< haha
I would keep it though?:)
but.. with that said.. I see an incredible potential for this concept. Think about animal inspired chocolates, oh dear.. I can already imagine the millions of teenage girls hoping that they could get a Jbiebz chocolate lol
omg, but seriously, do you know what would be super cute? The Katy Perry Purr Perfume head chocolates. I think Katy Perry would love this concept!
You could make candy, ice cubes! all sorts of personalized treats!
Because you know normal chocolate is just too mainstream for 2013:P
Next time I'm in Japan, I'm definitely checking this place out!
Do you think it's weird! or would you create a personal valentine chocolate for your significant other?;)
tell me what you think about this! What are you guys doing for Valentine's Day!

Toodles till later
&& again, wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. I want 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool!!!!!!


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