Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You[tues]day : Canon EOS 650D Commercial

All images belong to the Canon EOS 650D commercial, I have linked the video I screenshot these images from at the end of the post.
Images with [IlluminatedTammy] watermark were personally screen-shoted, collaged by me, including gifs. images without the watermark are from an external source :) 

Hello hello!

Since I've begun you[tues]day it feels as though the days are just flying by only to end up on tuesday again! If you notice, the last post was also written for You[tues]day but by no means does that mean, that's all I write on my blog. I promise! but see, I was right! If I set a category day, I will be forced to write it! With that said, can I just say how much I'm starting to love this category. I'm always on the hunt for new and inspiring videos on youtube for you[tues]day and so far the results has been amazing! The video I have for you this week is probably a familiar one if you watch a lot of television in Asia! or.. if you're a Canon camera fanatic.


It is the...
Canon EOS 650D commercial!

The reason why I love making videoblogs is because first of all, I have great appreciation and respect for film, especially when I think about how many frames are literally being filmed to create a 1 minute clip. I am such a huge fan of stop motion, you'll notice I use lots of stop motion in my own work for fashion. I think that the work that goes into filming a 3 minutes clip is under appreciated! There is an incredible amount of work for what many may consider a short quick fleeting minute but a 3 minutes clip can literally be a good day worth of footage and mind you, that's not even including editing time! So I think by going through the process of actually screenshooting my favorite moments from a film, it can perhaps allow me to appreciate the actual film piece ten times more-> for instead of watching the film as a continuous clip, I now get to experience each frame as an important entity of its own. Trust me, you'll notice the most beautiful details that you've missed from just glancing it as an entire video.  

I really value the actual motion of a video so I thought it would be only appropriate if I showed you how much work has to be put in to produce a 2 second clip! I've decided to include GIFs to the photoblog as well so you can perhaps for the lack of a better word, experience the video in a short stop-motion. As always, I've screenshot every single frame! + this time even more frames to create the short gifs. Some moments can be captured in a single frame but for some part of the film, a picture just can't do a moment justice so I thought, hey! some gifs never hurt;) Say helllloooo to You[tues]day 2.0, photos+gifs!

Let's begin!
My name is Kate and I am a botanist.
I love the focusing process, clips like these gives the audience a first hand perspective of how the camera would work in their hands
When I was a little girl, there was a small flower bed outside my window
Dad called it my secret garden
I loved it, I kept a little journal just for it
Nature never ceases to amaze me...

all the time
These days, my EOS is my journal
It's kind of like an extension of my eye and even heart
capturing moments I find impossible to put into words

 I think I've never quite stopped being that little girl with a flower bed outside her window
except my flower bed is now much bigger

I really hope you enjoyed this update of You[tues]day 2.0 ;) It was incredibly inspiring to create, I think the gifs are a great addition to the category! It just gives it so much life, the short stop motion just gives these amazing frames a whole new dimension when strung together.

as always, here is the actual video!:)

So tell me, what moments would you capture with your EOS?
Toodles till later

I'm just making final plans for my first giveaway! hehe. stay tune! I promise it's going to be a good one!
p.s. It's not a camera. haha.

Of course, I have to make this disclaimer clear! I am not sponsored or affiliated in any way to Canon! With that said though, I am completely in love with Canon camera ads! I mean come on! best song choice ever? + i am a sucker for Canon cameras too, you know what's funny? I actually own the Canon 650D yep! the camera in this commercial! but I didn't see this commercial till after I bought it!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

You[tues]day : Marc Jacobs revealed: Photo Booth Break

All images belong to the official [Marc Jacobs revealed : Photo Booth Break] video by diet coke!
Images with [IlluminatedTammy] watermark were personally screen-shoted and collaged by me, images without the watermark are from an external source :)

Hello hello!

 It's Tuesday! You know what that means! It's You[tues]day!
If you don't know what You[tues]day is, then Click Here to read more about it!
Guess what video I've got for you today! It is none other than the [Marc Jacobs revealed : Photo Booth Break] video! I absolutely love it!
You are probably sick of me going on and on about my love for Marc Jacobs in um... pretty much every post? but I can't help it, he is pretty much my greatest design hero and my dream is to one day become a Miss Tammy like Miss Marc! because all my friends say I look like her haha-> hey, a girl can dream?:)
What better way to celebrate my love for Marc Jacobs than do a photoblog of the [Marc Jacobs revealed : Photo Booth Break].
Funfact about me : I kinda love Diet Coke, and Marc Jacobs. You have no idea how incredibly excited I am that he's Diet Coke's new Creative Director for 2013, cue the hallelujahs!

Here's is a first look at the Marc Jacobs and Diet Coke designer cans!

I am pretty much obsessed with all three designs for the Diet Coke cans, um. NEED? want. YES PLEASEEEEEE. okay sorry, I'm back. haha
The Marc Jacobs Diet Coke cans are inspired by three decades! "The chic designs capture the rise of female empowerment through the '80s, '90s & 00s'- with a whimsical twist!"

I AM NEEDING THE 90s can since I'm a 90s baby! haha:) but you know, any can will do as long as it's Marc Jacobs for me! haha:):)

Anyways, let's get back to You[tues]day!
so without further ado...
Here is the photoblog for Marc Jacobs revealed: Photo Booth Break

They're just talking, giggling, everything girls do;)
and then....
*cue the can opening sound!
*cue a photobooth snap sound
Attention caught- check;)

oh! There's someone in the photobooth!

Interest sparked! check
The first photo booth picture comes out!
admiration in progress

*cue drop clothing!
more interested!
more photobooth photos are revealed

Are you ready for the big reveal?;)
open that curtain!

MARC JACOBS?!?!!?!?!?!?!
 [Pretty much my reaction if EVER had the chance to meet him haha]
If you're a diet coke fan, you're probably having a huge nostalgic flashback right about now, mhm! you're right! This is none other than a Marc Jacobs interpretation of the Diet Coke Break ad from way back when!
"Hey girls! Thirty years, it's definitely time to celebrate!"

Of course as always, check out the actual video! Pictures can never fully do a video justice! watch watch watch for me! <3

tell me! which decade can by Marc Jacobs for Diet Coke do you love?
Leave your thoughts about this post in the comment section! I would love to hear from you!:)

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Marc Jacobs Intl
Diet Coke

Toodles till later
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

I love ♡ : Grammy Mini Mes!

Hello hello!

Hope everyone is having a fab weekend so far, I'm back with a super cute post!
You might remember the golden globes mini me, and of course the cute 8 mini mes Katy Perry brought with her to the Much Much Awards

Ever wondered what the mini-mes would look like for the Grammy Award 2013? if so, you're in luck my friend;) 

You might remember photographer Tricia Messeroux's Mini me for the Golden Globes, starring mini-mes of Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, Lucy Liu, also Taylor Swift! Well Tricia is back again with a set of Grammy Awards 2013 red carpet toddlers photography!
This project of hers is titled [Toddlewood] haha, get it? Hollywood?  I'm a punster;)
I would actually love to see her Mini-Me take on Katy Perry!

Check out the 2013 Grammy's red carpet! + their Mini-mes

I love how minimal but intricate her black and white jumpsuit is with an added surprise of the kimono sleeve, tres chic! The jumpsuit is by Osman Studio. The little mini me is rocking pretty much the same jumpsuit! I only wish she had a peep-toe flat to match Beyonce's peep-toe heels!


Adele is in Valentino with her mini me in a similar silhouette dress. Again, I wish they matched the shoes to the dress but don't get me wrong, I still think it's super cute!! I actually don't mind that the dress is actually different for the miniature Adele, I think it definitely works! Instead of having her identical, you get to appreciate the mini me in her own unique way with just similar major features to the real Adele!

Carrie Underwood is wearing a strapless Roberto Cavalli! I love that her mini-me has a more vivid version of her dress. If you notice, her hair is also slightly more golden based but you'll see that they totally got all the major features on point! The soft curls of Carrie's hair, the necklace, strapless dress, laced details on the upper half while allowing the rest of the bottom half of the lace to drape over the solid color! ah! I can already imagine how beautiful it is as the light hits through the negative spaces with movement.

Justin Timberlake is dressed in a Tom Ford suit! haha, only appropriate right? I mean.. [Suit & Tie] but then.. he really should wear a tie then>.< but I quite like the bow tie choice! Is it just me but I think the mini Justin could totally pass for a mini Jake Gyllenhaal too!

I loved Kelly Osbourne's outfit for the Grammys! The dress is from Paule Ka, absolutely loving the cut-out. I loved that they also made sure that the mini Kelly was rocking Kelly Osbourne's purple hair but of course a more vivid version of it!

LL Cool J
How cute is this! This little boy is literally the perfect mini me for LL Cool J! Rocking it out with a white suit, black bow tie and black cap! I wonder if this is how LL Cool J looked as a toddler!

They obviously had to keep it super PG for the toddler doppelganger version of Rihanna as her dress was pretty much sheer in the upper half haha. Rihanna's dress is from Azzedine Alaia. Again, they stayed true to the major features of Rihanna's styling for the grammys such as the red dress, the crisscross up the top but replacing it with a satin fabric instead of the sheer! Her bold red lips! and her soft wavy curls and if you look closely, even the red nails!
Haha, this is pretty much spot on, they're identical! They both have semi-high top sneakers and rocked the gold chain. and mohawk for the win right?;) can't go wrong with this one. 

This isn't the first Taylor Swift mini-me in toddlewood! She also had a mini-me for the Golden Globes toddlewood project but I definitely think this is a better version! Taylor's dress is from J. Mendel. I've always thought Taylor looked better with bangs so I'm glad she's been rocking the bangs for her RED album tour. They totally got her signature cat winged eye make up down too for the mini me! Her little doppelgänger is dressed in a similar white dress with silver accents as a design feature. Love how minimal but effortlessly stunning it is on Taylor. If I had to pick my favorite toddler representation of a celebrity, it would without a doubt be Taylor Swift's mini-me!

That concludes the Grammy 2013 Toddlewood project!

Tell me, who do you wish you could see a toddler version of?

Which one was your favorite? As for me... you already know haha. I want to see a Katy Perry version soon!!

Leave your thoughts in the comment sections and I promise I'll respond!:)

toodles till later

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! ♡

Hello hello!

Happy Valentine's day!!
what have you prepared for your valentine date?
Something customized? personalized? or created your own set of personalized chocolates?
Well.. I've got something that will bring the entire personalized concept to a new level.

Personalized miniature chocolate replicas of your heads!

Yes! you read it right!
In fashion, I've also worked with a 3D body scanner, I thought using the 3D body scanner in fashion
was already pretty advanced in terms of how far we can take technology and adapting it to other unrelated fields, but this chocolate creation just brought 3D scanning to a whole new dimension of woah?-> again.. I'm so punny. :P
In time for Valentine's Day, KS Design Lab had people come in and try out the 3D body scanners to make mini-chocolate replicas of themselves!

Check out how real they look!
Now, you're probably wondering... how does it work?
Doesn't it take a super long time to create this mini-me?

Now you're thinking.. mm..what if I don't quite like how I look in the scan.. I just want to change one little thing... I mean...afterall.. I AM GOING TO BECOME A CHOCOLATE for my friends to eat.. I better look good!
haha, no worries! After scanning, you can still edit your facial details and what not before sending it all off to the 3D printer!

 How do I create the mould to make the chocolate? and how do I create the chocolates?
Basically, in a nutshell, this is how it works-
Think about how you would create ice cubes in a freezer. You've got the ice maker mould which is the negative shape, you then fill in the water to fill up these negative spaces which will in time make the positive pieces, tadaaaaaa, your ice cubes!

You scan your face/face features/head/face shape etc. in the 3D body scanner that will create the negative shape of them. Your body/face/YOU--> are the positive shape.
The negative shape will then form a mould for you to create replicas of yourself!
The 3D printer will then print out your own new customized 3D negative mould of yourself!

Once you have the mould, you just have to pour in the chocolate!--> remember the ice cube analogy?
Your chocolate will help create your positive shape (YOU)
Wait 15 minutes and TADAAAAAAA, your mini you chocolates are ready!

 Now, you're probably wondering where this mysterious place to create your one-of-a-kind chocolate is!
It's a ten minutes walk from Tokyo's Shibuya station!:) Head to Fab Cafe and create your own customized chocolate heads! Check out their official website at-->
I don't think I could eat this! Especially... if it was someone I knew >.< haha
I would keep it though?:)
but.. with that said.. I see an incredible potential for this concept. Think about animal inspired chocolates, oh dear.. I can already imagine the millions of teenage girls hoping that they could get a Jbiebz chocolate lol
omg, but seriously, do you know what would be super cute? The Katy Perry Purr Perfume head chocolates. I think Katy Perry would love this concept!
You could make candy, ice cubes! all sorts of personalized treats!
Because you know normal chocolate is just too mainstream for 2013:P
Next time I'm in Japan, I'm definitely checking this place out!
Do you think it's weird! or would you create a personal valentine chocolate for your significant other?;)
tell me what you think about this! What are you guys doing for Valentine's Day!

Toodles till later
&& again, wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You[tues]day : Child of the 90s | Internet Explorer

Images with [IlluminatedTammy] watermark were personally screen-shoted and collaged by me, images without the watermark are from an external source :) Frames were all screen-shoted from the official Internet Explorer youtube video that will be linked at the end of this blog post:)

Hello hello!

Sorry I've been incredibly MIA since the beginning of 2013;) but I've been so busy being a tour guide [A really bad one] to my friends that have visited Singapore!
I have quite a few post lined up so get ready for a big flood of blog entries;)
Also! If you didn't know.. I just renewed my first ever domain!, it is officially 1 years young! haha
I really want to get into blogging more frequently but I've realized.. I really really like to write.. a lot->I can't complete a blog post fast enough
Hence, "I'm going to write a blog entry everyday" is an extremely unrealistic goal to have at this point so instead of dropping that resolution completely.. I'm going to adapt my schedule to it!
I'm going to start categorizing days so you'll be promised a post pretty much everyday!
I've noticed that I spend about 3/4 of my time watching youtube videos so I thought.. why not put my bad habit to some good! right?

Since today is tuesday, I've decided to begin the new category You [Tues] day haha, get it? youtube day?;) I'm so punny:P
The videos can be from any genre at all! If it inspires, fascinates, intrigues, it shall be here!
I recently caught this commercial that I thought was perhaps one of the best concept commercials I've seen in a while! It brought back so many memories! I am a 90s baby, to be exact, 1990!
This commercial was incredibly nostalgic, I loved the concept! so I decided it would be great to create a photo-video blog to share with you guys!
Of course, I'm not getting paid or am in anyway affiliated with Internet Explorer! I really just genuinely love the commercial for what it is!
You'll noticed that I've left a few moments of the commercial out because I thought it would be a little more personal if I only picked the ones that I really related to/grew up with
I decided to write short little descriptions after several screenshots-> like short commentaries

Without further ado... let's begin!
we are members of generation Y
as in Ying Yang
[I still have my pink yoyo!]
Life moved a little slower
[Remember dial up? haha]
Disk were square
[Can you guys remember this? I remember still using this in High School! literally back in 2009? woah!]
Desktop folders had personality
 [Don't we all have millions and millions of these? Literally for every single period? I had one for every class, was pretty much my favorite part of every new school year! getting new folders!]
The only thing buzzing in your pocket was a pet.
[Of course, we all had our trusty tamagotchis :)]
but at least a troll was still a friend.
[I loved this entire commercial but if I had to pick a single, most witty frame as my favorite, it would be this! I absolutely loved the play on words here, especially because a troll back in generation Y is definitely not what they call a troll in this new generation so it really gives you a timeline jump in perspective-> perhaps the slang aspect of the new generation]
Lunch was a puzzle not a picture
[Lunch was really just lunch back then huh? haha I don't know how I survived without instagram lol]
You didn't have to worry about a newsfeed full of farm animals
You were busy feeding wild animals
[This would be my second favorite concept shot with the comparison of the ever popular facebook farming games --> to our much loved hungry hungry hippo game! Seriously, do kids these days still play hungry hungry hippo!!!??!?!]
You really had nothing to lose!
[This shot totally warmed my heart! first-> look at the studded belt, I had that in middle school!!! ++ second! That's how we all hooked our wallets so we would never lose them! ahh!! bringing back so many memories!]
The future was bright
You grew up..
and so did we;)

That concludes the commercial and the first You[tues]day!:)
I really hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.
You need to check out the actual video, if you're part of generation Y, I promise you'll love this commercial!

Tell me! which moments you loved the most, what reminded you of your childhood!
Leave your thoughts in the comment section below
If you have any suggestions for You[tues]day, send me a message! or tweet me at @tammyjtew !

I promise I won't be gone this long again!
toodles till later
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