Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A tribute to 2012 and hello 2013

All pictures belong to me this time! :)

Hello hello
hehe, can you spot yourself in my 2013?

So it feels like I've written millions of tribute notes lately but a 2012 tribute note has to be written; for if it wasn't for 2012, this blog wouldn't even exist! 2012 was many things for me; my final year of college, I was turning 22! I made my first paycheck, I launched my first ever website, the list goes on, you get the drill;)  I began this year with all these hopes and dreams. I had basically planned out the perfect 2012 in my mind on December 31, 2011, as we awaited for the clocks to struck 00:00 as we partied 2011 away.  I began my year with much hope and excitement but little did I know how quickly my life would change in the following months. I thought that my year had been ruined and even though I knew I was going to make it through, I didn't know how or when everything would start looking up for me. It was filled with malicious people, heartbreaks, disappointment;  I quickly found my life unraveling in a downward spiral and for the first time ever, I didn't think I would make it through or think there would be a spark of light at the end of this arduous and messed up tunnel. I had been derailed off my meticulously planned perfect 2012. I couldn't believe how wrong 2012 was going but I've got to say, with a little bit of faith, trust and pixie dust, you would be surprise how quickly everything can change;)
if you don't have pixie dust, chocolate works just fine;)
and for what it's worth, you really see the people that love you clearer than ever <3 especially your best friends ;)

I have so many thank yous to say, so many I love yous to reiterate.
Even though this year was filled with extremely detrimental events, it's crazy to reflect on how amazingly beautiful it turned out to be; everything that I had gone through was worth it and necessary for me to grow as a person. 2012 was a major turning point for me.

And I'm just about to say the most cliche thing in the world but it's true!
I wouldn't change a thing about how everything played out. Even when I think back to those days today, I'm still left in awe like it happened minutes ago. When I felt like nothing could be right anymore, I started seeing everything fall into place for me and that was when I realized, even though I had a planned journey that I've been derailed from, THIS new journey that I had been put on was the one for me all along, just took me a few bumps and knocks along the way to find it.

So instead of dwelling over the bad, let's celebrate the little wonders of life.
I thought back to what events made 2012 a remarkable one for me and that was when it struck me, it wasn't so much about the events, or the nitty gritty details of these events but the people in my life, the people that I have been privileged enough to meet and people that have made an impact on my life.

I have been incredibly blessed to meet these wonderful and inspiring people in 2012. These people have inspired my journey and restarted my faith to keep moving forward. In no particular order, I'm just listing them by memory; Ryan Higa, Michelle Phan, Yutaki, Miyake, Qiu Qiu, Wendy [Xiaxue], Sophie Willocq, Kay Kay, David Harris from Wicked, the amazing and my favorite Simone Legno from Tokidoki!!!!! he even drew me unicorno! Andy Diggle, thank you for giving my favorite superhero life! BATMAN<3 and last but not least, Akira at AFW!!!!!!

Can I just re-emphasize how amazingly blessed I felt while compiling these collages together.

The concert experience this year has been incredibly epic and they were all for free! The most amazing part was that I didn't even have to go against all odds to receive these tickets, they just happened! and in the nick of time too! Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Psy, and Jay Chou
3 nights of F1 for free + I was literally meters away from them!
and thank you Marina Sands for the amazing free tickets to see Psy's first debut concert in Singapore

I even caught a glimpse of royalty! The royal couple! <3 how crazy is the twist and turns of fate

I can't believe how many amazing people I've been honored enough to meet in just a short 12 month span and of course that's including all the new friends I've made! Turning what I thought was the most horrible year into arguably my best year yet!

Now let's move into a few retrospective big events in my timeline this year.

I launched my first official portfolio website at

Attended AFW 2012 in Sydney!
I was invited into Akira's design studio, where we got to preview his new collection! and got a picture with him! ah, take a photo with akira bucket list- check;) I also saw the Mariana Hardwicke show at AFW:) See you guys at AFW 2013! I can hardly wait! <3

My sketchbook was touring around the world with the sketchbook project tour <3
You can click the book to go right to the online copy:)

I filmed my first real video that Megan Lee liked and commented on! >.< was such a highlight of my Youtube journey! I know I haven't put up a video ever since but that's one of my new years resolution! to make more videos in 2013 :)

I decided to get back to blogging but I've since moved from I had a hard time getting back into blogging, jumping from platform to platform, blogspot, wordpress, then one day, I decided it was time to make one my home! I finally decided to stay with blogspot and mapped my new blog domain! :)

Graduated on perhaps the most epic day on the calendar in 2012 ;) 12,12, 2012

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if I missed out something because 2012 has been absolutely remarkable; I've grown as a daughter, a student, a friend, etc and have been blessed in more ways than I ever thought possible. I can't believe how amazing 2012 has been for me, it was almost like everything just magically fell into place. You know how when something amazing happens? and you think to yourself, 'there's pretty much nothing else that can top this!' well... I have good news for you my friend, it always gets better when you least expect it to. While the first quarter of this year might have been filled with unhappy memories; the important thing is to remember that 2012 has also been a fruitful year filled with friendship, love, family, overflowing amounts of blessings and epically amazing events topping one another. I am incredibly grateful to everyone that have made 2012 a memorable one for me;)

Now that we're in 2013, I'm excited to see what the new year holds! I won't be making any preconceived judgement on this year, waiting for my life to meet expectations, be too quick to give up on an idea or milestones that I expect to achieve but I have set myself goals to reach for:) I believe the outcome will come naturally, and be embracing to my journey instead of being pernicious to me. If 2012 has taught me one thing, it would be that everything can change when you least expect it so all you have to do is keep holding on <3 Keep an open mind and embrace change. Take a risk, love like you've never been hurt before, it's all about moving on and not trapping yourself in the past. Cut people out that only cause pain, surround yourself with people that love you and want nothing but the best for you because you know you deserve to be happy. When it feels like everything is going wrong, trust that a change is just about to come and that everything happens for a reason.  <3

When something goes wrong, the easiest thing to do is to blame, whine and be angry but remember, as long as you keep moving forward, it's bound to get you on the right path at some point:) I could blame and whine about how unfair life was or how detrimental it was to my soul blahh, but I've built a bridge, a REALLY strong bridge and I've proudly walked OVER IT and triumph as better person.:)
Perhaps at a quick glance, my tribute seems superficial and filled with materialistic 'fixes' but what it really was for me was a major turning point and a big coming-of-age journey as I was put through a whirlwind of detrimental events. It is also such a reminder to me that I've got really amazing people in my life that have really stood by me through it all and for that, I am eternally grateful, you have really made all the difference to my days

I hope you had a wonderful New Years day <3 and I can't wait to get to know more of you illuminated bubbles out there in 2013
stay safe and party hard <3

toodles till later


  1. great!

  2. Wowowowow really enjoyed this post! It seems like you had one great year, so many fun experiences! Congratz on your graduation! And on such an awesome date too :)

    Here's to a legendary 2013~!

    1. :) Thank you love! I'm glad you enjoyed the post!
      Happy 2013!


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