Tuesday, December 31, 2013

525,600 minutes | 23 things I'm grateful for in 2013

hello hello
As you all know 2013 hasn't been easy for me, I've been quiet to the public about my injury but here it is, Ive not been able to grip a pencil for 6 months now and walk comfortably either but that hasn't stopped me from living my life as best as I can. Just have to keep holding on:) darkest before dawn right? recovery is near:)I've been injured for the most part and am still in the process of recovery. I shan't go into all the pain and drama as I think it's better to celebrate the good and reflect on how amazing my life has been despite all of that.

Here are 23 things/people I'm so grateful for in 2013
How do you measure a year?
I'm measuring my life in love<3
In no particular order:)

1. Working with fashion guru Chriselle, not once but twice in 2013

2. The kind words/love from new friends, however small you may think it is has made a world of difference - your encouragement and enthusiasm for my work has given me so much strength and purpose to keep fighting for this recovering- Shu an | Agri:)

3. Miyake | Yutaki : this year has been filled with frowns for me but in the short time I've gotten to spent with you guys; it has always been nothing but laughter and joy. Thank you guys for being so genuinely kind and just most of all just being yourself!:)
4. I've designed more layouts this year than any other! ChriselleLim | davenmayeda | krazyrayray | allthatglitters21 | Ellesglittergossip | ngmiyake | sunnydayhe | shrutishekar
Most of all the priceless friendships that have come out of designing for you guys:) I couldn't ask for more!

5. Working and knowing Elle Fowler! Elle, I just want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you! you're incredibly down to earth and such a sweet heart! I feel blessed in every way to know you!:) Thank you for the kind words and love:) 6:40 to see the feature! The sweetest surprise ever

6. Rekindled friendship. Roseanne, thank you for being the bigger person and coming back into my life when I need you most. Your weekly visits since my injury began are priceless to me. Thank you for giving me so much love and care during this dark period of my life. I'll always remember and cherish our simple but meaningful meet ups

7. Kiyoko - even though we're not in the same country, that hasn't stopped us from being very much present in each other's life. You've constantly been there for me through this battle and I love you for that bestie! Nothing can change our friendship. I feel incredibly blessed and I cherish our friendship like no other, you're like the sister I never had. we're infinite
8. I met designers Peter Pilotto and Nicholas Kirkwood! Dreams really do come true ! I would never ever imagined it could actually happen!

9. Meeting and chatting with author Lang Leav! thanks penguin sg and kino for the love!:) beautiful collection of poems, short but incredibly rich in life perspective<3
10. Being invited by Tiffany & co to the Singapore movie premiere of The great gatsby! :) absolute fav book next to catcher in the rye

 11.catching a glimpse of David Beckham
12. Meeting Bagaholicboy :)
 13. Meeting Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam tsui :)
14. Meeting Jason Chen

 15. Wendy {wengie} becoming friends with you was so natural:) we got along like we have known each other all our lives! You have such a beautiful soul and so incredibly hard working:) I'm so proud of all you've achieved dear friend.

16. Meeting Patricia Mok and Hong Hui Fang

17. TifffanyLeu- You've such an amazing part of my support system;) thank you for being here for me and putting a smile on my face whenever you can. Our friendship has grown and I can't wait for more adventures with you<3
18. Had the opportunity to attend AFF 2013 Ashley Isham and Peter Pilotto shows:) after party
19. Concerts and F1- jay Chou with Angel and F1 bigbang, Rihanna, the killers, Justin Bieber

20. Sabby- you're one of my bestest friends, thank you for being here for me. You're like the lil sis I wish I had. #sabbytammy

21. Beginnings of my fashion line is starting to take shape! I'm so excited even though I still can't hold a pen, comfortably. I'm hopeful in the recovery:) I can't wait to show the world!

22. Of course daddy and mummy. You guys are the greatest parents. I feel incredibly blessed in every way to have you both. I'm thankful to have you walk with me through this. I'm sorry for making your worry<3thank you for putting up with me, crying, laughing with me, and believing in my dreams! I love you both to the moon and back.

23. The rest of you!:) thank you for all the love and emails! I've received over 100 emails ! You have seriously put the perfect end to my 2013

What's next? I don't know, but I'm hopeful and have so much faith in a full recovery. My fashion line is launching next year!:) an injury can't stop me from dreaming or living my life:) 2014 is just the beginning:)

Toodles till later

Friday, November 1, 2013

[What's on repeat?] : Max & Kurt Schneider, Not over you

Hello hello
I know I've be off the radar for the longest time, this injury is just literally sucking the life out of me.
but I decided I would document this recovery journey with blogposts
My hand has been hurting and typing on a keyboard definitely doesn't help, so i'll keep these blogs short.
If you're still around, <3 thank you

Anyways, let's get into today's post!

If you know me personally, you would know how my iPod is always on [repeat]
I can literally listen to one song on repeat for what feels like forever.
Music has definitely been great therapy over this injury process, and look; injured or not, I've always been a music fan
You can always relate to music at a certain level.
It can sometimes summarize the most confusing, happy, sad feelings in just under 3 minutes

So....what's been on repeat Tammy?
I've completely fallen back in love with Gavin Degraw, so what does Tammy do?
literally, search up and watch almost every cover vid because let's be honest, I have such a weakness for covers! especially acoustic ones
 I just love how raw and natural it sounds- sometimes music doesn't have to be all about the digital, background work<3

This is by far my favorite cover of the moment
I hope you fall in love with it as much as I have

toodles till later

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Illuminatedtammy Mid year update

hello hello

I never usually write sappy, sad, dramatic or anything personal but I kinda just want to vent today so I can just let everything out and close a chapter.

I've been extremely busy with designing youtube layouts and my fashion work. I am also still dealing with my hand injury and I'm sure many of you are thinking...? but you're typing.. can't be that bad right? well.. truth be told. I haven't actually been able to really grip a pencil for the last three months and any artist can tell you, that is easily the biggest nightmare to wake up to. I'm still waiting to wake up from this nightmare and just have everything go back to normal. This started one fine morning of May, I thought it was just a little sprain, that my hands had gone numb from the way I slept but little did I know how it would haunt me for months to follow, I had hurt a very central nerve in my body and have literally lost control, motion of my hands. My hands went through pain, numbness, motionless, strengthless.

I cried, I screamed, I whined, I begged, I prayed, I blamed, I got angry. I felt so helpless, useless and lost faith.
Everything I had known, the norm had suddenly all been ripped away from me over night, my hopes and dreams never seemed more impossible than this present moment. Everything that I worked so hard for, what if.. I can never draw again, what if, I can never draft a pattern for fashion again, what if I can't cut fabric again because my hands are in so much pain. The what if's imploded my mind.

I can write you something possibly pretentious, that I've received enlightenment from this, or that this is all happening to make my journey more fruitful, you get the drill but I won't because honestly, I'm scared out of my life.

All I know is that this injury fiasco won't stop me from moving forward, I'm going to keep my head up and keep walking, I promise I'll come back stronger than ever.  No one can stop me from fulfilling my destiny.I'll work around it, my hands will eventually recover, I just need to keep a positive attitude.

 This entire injury has given me the time to reevaluate my life and I finally know that my heart will always belong in fashion because up until this happened, I was ready to close my chapter of my fashion journey for good. 2012 was filled with horrible memories, filled with malicious people that told me I could never succeed in the fashion industry. Just when I thought I was ready to forget all about fashion, this happens, I would like to believe that this injury serves a purpose to remind me just how much I love designing, sketching to the a.m., drafting on a mannequin etc. I'm ready to get back, to jump back in, I think I owe myself that much, to give this one more go.

I'm extremely grateful for the kind words, love and encouragement.
I promise I won't let this break me down just like how I won't let people that only bring poison into my life to pollute my journey, forgotten.

I just want to say, if you're going through something similar, I'm here for you<3
Keep your chin up solder, the world's got nothing on us

toodles till later

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Melissa x Karl Lagerfeld : Ice cream pumps

hello hello

I've been writing this post for a while now but just can't quite seem to completely finish it but I've been reinspired and thought, this would be the perfect post to dedicate to my close friend Wengie! :P I'm sure when she sees this, she'll know why:) 
My obsession since forever ago has always been food inspired/looking anything, hence the title [ Tammy's fashion nibbles]

I've always been a fan of the ever comfy Melissa jelly flats so you can imagine my excitement when I saw these ice cream pumps! 
What makes these delicious pumps ten times sweeter you ask? It is a collaboration between Karl Lagerfeld + Melissa. I know right. Take a moment to gasp! Have always been a fan of Lagerfeld, I will always have so much love and respect for the creativity, life, he brought into the house of Chanel. Will always cherish my reissue 2.55.<3
Seriously, check out these pumps, I am ABSOLUTELY in love with them and have been lusting over them ever since I laid eyes on them! NEED. I'm definitely getting a pair when they are officially launched in Singapore. I already know I want this color! <3 Pretty much just need themn to save my size and I'm rushing down to pay haha

The face of the campaign is Cara Delevingne! I know.. can it seriously get any better?!
The ice cream pumps are avaliable in various colors and variation of glitter color ice cream cones! Check them out!
 photo 182_zpsa96f2c2b.gif

Tell me! which pair of delicious ice cream cone pumps would you like to take home?

You can visit the Melissa Mdreams store in Singapore at B2-03 Wheelock Place

toodles till later

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Event : Nicholas Kirkwood Event On Peddar Singapore

**information provided by On Pedder official press release. Personal thoughts are mine:) Sections from the press release are "quoted", Pictures provided by On Pedder official press release and collaged by me

hello hello

A few days ago [June 19,2013], I had the privilege of attending the exclusive Nicholas Kirkwood autumn/winter 2013 collection preview hosted by On Pedder Singapore.
If you live in Singapore too, you would probably remember how intense the haze got on that night but I knew this was an event not to miss! I rushed down to On Pedder and woah did I make the right decision! I would've never forgiven myself if I had missed this event!

A little bit about the shoe extraordinaire
[Nicholas Kirkwood]
"Nicholas Kirkwood launched his debut collection in Spring 2005 to challenge the conventions of woman's luxury footwear. Beyond his label, Nicholas has worked alongside established and emerging brands to create shoes for their runway shoes, such as Fendi, Erdem and Peter Pilotto"
The Autumn Winter 2013 collection features bold architectural lines; "taking a subtle reference from the wave inspired curves of Spring Summer 2013 collection to form defined arches." This collection was no exception to his love of witty and quirky embellishments such as "mesh, fur and sheer frill; all which help execute this playfully decadent collection perfectly!"

Here are some of my favorites!
 photo 1_zps45a208d5.gif

It was amazing seeing the collection up close and personal, they were absolutely exquisite.
I loved that the collection was a mixture of elements. I could see a variety of women wear this collection, a fun bold girl heading to a 70s party could be seen rocking the low triangle heel pump in black and white chevron printed suede with a touch of the beautiful gold chrome heel; alternatively, a woman looking for a more subtle but powerful pair of statement heels could go for the ever feminine elegant laced high heel pumps with a contrasted strong bold textured gold heel.

If I had to pick my absolute favorite pair, it would most definitely have to be this pair!
I was chatting with Nicholas  about how in love with them I was and that I would have totally worn them to the Great Gatsby Tiffany premiere I attended a few weeks ago if I had seen them then! I was in LOVEEE with everything about this pair of shoes! How elegant and sophisticated are the baby pearls around the rim of the shoes? It would glam up any little black dress! The other thing I adored about this design was the gold chrome heel, I thought it was extremely chic, classy yet ever so powerful; it definitely makes a statement!  Even though I love wearing high heels because I'm a shorty! I definitely still gravitate towards flats so this pair of low heel is the perfect marriage combining my two favorite things! A hybrid of a high heel and flats. love love love!

Now, I've got to re-emphasize that even though pictures are amazing, you've got to see them in real life to fully experience how exquisite and beautiful these shoes are! Try them on if you get a chance and I'm sure you'll fall in love with them as much as I have! <3

Photo opp time! :) On that note.. I apologize for the delay of the Peter Pilotto post too! I've just been so busy! good busy though!<3 But how cool huh? Meeting Peter Pilotto and now Nicholas Kirkwood yay! 2013 rocks!

It was such an honor meeting Nicholas after having been such a fan of his designs in my college years. Who knows! maybe one day I could be collaborating with him for my runway collection shoes;) A girl can dream!

Since this is my first post ( most definitely won't be my last) about my favorite place to shop for shoes, I thought I would give On Pedder a little shout out <3 For as long as I could remember, I spend many Sundays at On Pedder with Mom! From the young age of only 11-13? I don't remember exactly but it was a very very long time for sure! This was when the store was still in it old white wall layout with two doors! and now to its beautiful brown chic interior! From watching my Mom shop for pretty shoes/bags/accessories etc to becoming a customer myself! I still remember my first purchase was the silver Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse shoes when I was in my senior year! On Pedder has always had a very special place in my heart <3

Thank you for having me and hosting such a memorable event!  I'm definitely looking forward to more awesome events by On Pedder:)

Head over to On Pedder and check out these beautiful creations! I promise you won't regret it!
6 Scotts Road, Singapore 228209
391 Orchard Road, #03-04, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Singapore 238872 

Also check out the official Nicholas Kirkwood website!

So tell me, which pair of shoes stole your heart;)

toodles till later

**Sorry that it took me so long to write this up and I didn't get to take much pictures because I'm still recovering from my sore hands!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

MBMJ♡ : Stacy neon checked taffeta-twill skirt

hello hello

Yay! My favorite category to write, my Marc by Marc Jacobs spotlight feature!
If you don't know my love for anything and everything Marc Jacobs, where have you been?! haha just kidding! but you can read all about it HERE
I was actually contemplating on putting off this post till I get an OOTD look together for this skirt [because... guilty..  I own it >,<] but you know what, if I waited till then it might just as well be next year lol

I really wanted to share this awesome find with you guys before it goes off the shelf! So.. here we go!
Today I'm introducing to you my new favorite skirt from Marc by Marc Jacobs, it is the Stacy neon checked taffeta-twill skirt!

This awesome skirt is offered in two fun candy colors, a pink/blue/violet check and a orange/pink/coral check! It has a super fun bubble balloon shape with oversized pockets!
The thing I loved about this skirt was the potential I saw in it to be a fun casual dress down, high top sneakers type outfit or for a dressier high heel girl's night out kinda look so I thought yay, why not! :)
If you were wondering, I own the pink/blue/violet check version!

I knew I was in love with this skirt the moment I saw it! Then again, how can Tammy resist candy colored.... um anything? I absolutely love this skirt and how fun it is but I have to confess, it has been quite a journey hunting down items I could match it with!

The pieces I tried to match it with were either too loud/bold/bright just like the skirt or were too dull so it ended up putting too much focus on the skirt; argh,  I just couldn't win! 
hehe, now you're thinking, WHAT IS IT!!! what have you found?:) well hehe.. I think I'll save it for another post -> I know. what a tease right lol. 

Anyways, now we've come to the end of this post! you probably wondering where you could get yourself this little awesome candy skirt! well you can check out the orange/pink/coral check version at net-a-porter for $884.07. Unfortunately, the version I own is sold out:( but I think the orange/pink/coral is just as fun! :) Alternatively, if you have a MBMJ store near you, you can always hunt down the skirts there too!:) I got mine at the Singapore Mandarin Gallery MBMJ brunch under club21:)

So tell me, which one of these yummy candy skirts do you like more?
Leave me your comments! I would love to hear from you!

Chat with me here!

Toodles till later

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I love ♡ : The Konstruktor

**I am not paid/sponsered or in any way affiliated to Information from The Konstruktor press release. personal thoughts are mine!:) Sections from the press release are "quoted"! Picture provided by The Konstruktor press release and collaged by me:)

Hello hello!

My excitement for the launch of the Konstruktor must come to no surprise as I'm a big fan/collector of lomography cameras! I love shooting my fashion work in film, I think it always adds an element of surprise because you don't see the results until its developed. Film always makes the subject a little more magical and dreamy;)

Without futher ado... I present to you!!

The Konstruktor is the world's first ever 35mm do-it-yourself SLR camera! Have you ever wondered what goes on inside your little compact 35mm SLR cameras from yesteryear? well I'm happy to tell you that that putting the konstruktor together is the perfect way to learn! You can "understand and experience the essence of photography from scratch."
 Now you're probably thinking, does that I mean I need lots of tools? tape, staples, glue, paint?-> ain't nobody got time for that! haha. Well, fret not because you don't need any of that to construct your Konstruktor!
"Just click and screw it together in a few easy steps; you'll soon have an exquisite, fully working 35mm camera and be ready to shoot knock-out analogue photos! Of course, the Konstruktor camera is packed with a host of ingenious analogue features such as a top-down view finder to see what you shoot and to focus, an easy multiple exposure function, a ‘Bulb’ setting for long exposures and a detachable 50mm f/10 Lens! Can you build it? Yes you can!"
Here's a quick run down of the features! 
DIY 35mm SLR camera with interchangeable lens system 
Includes 50mm f/10 lens 
Shutter speed: 1/80s
Multiple exposure capability-->my fav Tripod thread for long exposures
How long does it take to create?
The camera takes about 1-2 hours to build!:) 
Now that you're done building, we can get into the customizing part!
Check out all the different ways you could customize your Konstruktor!! double the creativity!
You could go with a classy polished leather Konstruktor, how perfect for the boys right? of course any girl would look so chic rocking this too;)
Or... you could go for some graphic stickers! how cute right! I think it adds so much personality and its just so fun! I would definitely pimp my Konstuktor out with my stickers!
or how about both?:) Sticker designs on the leather !

What type of photo quality, type of pictures can you expect to take with this little awesome creation? 
Check out these samples! Whether it is a landscape, a portrait, nature or even capturing a busy train station with a long shutter speed; the possibilities are endless and unique to your creativity:) 

Tammy Thoughts :
I'm a huge fan of lomography and DIY projects! I have a DIY pinhole camera that I created a while back too! I can't wait to get my hands on one of these little babies and start constructing and customizing my very own Konstruktor!;) oh.. I'm so punny haha I love the white leather konstruktor but I can't lie! The stickers stole my heart! I think I shall customized some graphic stickers on the white leather! best of both worlds;)

Check out this little video introducing the Konstruktor!

so.. tell me, are you excited to get your hands on the world's first ever 35mm Do-It-Yourself Camera? Which Konstruktor design do you love most? 
  Leave me a comment!  I would love to hear your thoughts!
check out the official lomography website for more:)  
  The Konstruktor
toodles till later

Friday, June 14, 2013

Marc Jacobs : Marc Jacobs launching make up line at Sephora

**All pictures are from WWD facebook page! click on images to go to the direct link!
hello hello
So if it wasn't obvious enough in my blogs professing my love for Marc Jacobs as my design hero or my countless outfits of the day, perfumes, bags, shoes by MBMJ, receiving the Marc Jacobs diet coke bottles and being so so so overly excited; then here it is. My wish has finally come true! Marc Jacobs is coming out with a make up line at Sephora!

Check it out!
 Click on the image to read the detailed interview with Marc Jacobs about the beautiful soon to be launched make up line!
I can't lie,  I have such a weakness for anything that has amazing packaging!

Quoted from
"It’s a pretty massive collection of 122 different products in four categories: Smart Complexion (foundation, concealer, powder), Blacquer (eye liner, lash lifter, gel crayon), Hi-Per Color (eye products, lip products, nail polish), and Boy Tested Girl Approved ( unisex products including lip balm, brow tamer, and concealer).
As for what you can expect, Jacobs told WWD that he doesn’t like naturals–”that’s a little lazy”–so don’t expect to see many nude palettes. The designer was very involved in every aspect of the line, from the packaging (inspired by a shiny, black lacquer table he has at home) to the product names (inspired by everything from his tattooes to his favorite movies).
Of his blush called “shameless” he said: “Whether it’s wearing a lace dress with a pair of boxer shorts or whether it’s taking off my clothes for a magazine or whether it’s admitting to my flaws or having a hair transplant, I’m not ashamed of what I do. I haven’t done anything wrong. And I’d prefer to be honest because I sleep better at night.”

The prices are on the higher end of the spectrum, and will range from $24 for lip balm to $59 for a seven color eye shadow palette.
 How cute are these little round square packaged nail polishes by Marc Jacobs! and as far as I can see, I'm already falling in love with all the colors! I love that it stays true to the Marc Jacobs design aesthetic that I love and have so much respect for! <3

How chic are these lipsticks packaging!

I'm most definitely purchasing pretty much every single thing from this line! <3 owhhh.. Marc Jacobs. I adore you! 
The launch of this highly anticipated make up line by Marc Jacobs at Sephora will be launching from August to December of this year!--> um my birthday is in August haha :p best birthday present already! I need to get my hands on these little beauties!
I'm not sure when it will be launched in Singapore! but I'll edit this when I find out exact dates!

So tell me, are you ready to get Marc'd Up?

toodles till later

Collab : Chrisellelim Youtube Channel Design

hello hello

This is just a quick little update post!

so I'm still playing catch up with my life at the moment, I'm sure by now you all know I've hurt a nerve in my hands and can barely really do anything at ease.
As I'm typing this, almost every single nerve in my hands are tugging and pulling so I guess that's my poor excuse for not blogging.
Anyways, I thought I would finally blog about this since it's been a while! I guess the fiasco with my hands has just put it off from my blogging schedule but I've decided its time!

At the beginning of this year, I had the privilege of working with one of my favorite youtubers, Chriselle Lim! yep! you read it right! I designed the Chrisellelim youtube channel layout.
This is what it looks like!
The layout was LIVE from March 18, 2013 to June 6,2013 -> [due to enforcement of new onechannel youtube design]

The new onechannel layout has been enforced permanently and what I designed for Chriselle's channel has unfortunately been replaced:( but the experience, memories of working on the design and Chriselle, is one that I'll always cherish and always be grateful for:)

new post coming up real soon!

toodles till later

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Event : Furla Candybrissima Show Tour Singapore

Hello hello

Today I'm recapping my fun sweet candy night at the Furla Candybrissima Show Tour!
I'm still catching my breath from the week of events, as well as my sore hands but that didn't stop me from attending some of the most amazing events of 2013.
Sorry that this post is awfully late!

My big sis Alexandra, invited me to go along with her for the Furla Candybrissima Show Tour event at Paragon- immediate reaction YES?!!!?!
If you didn't know already, I'm obsessed with anything and everything that resembles food/sweets or in this case, have a delicious name;)
The furla candy bag has always been on my radar of things to have, so you can probably imagine the excitement I had when I received the invitation!

The original bags are called 'Candy bag' and the smaller version are called the 'Candy Cookie'!
How cute huh!
The sunset candy bags were beautiful, I loved the ombre effect. The set up at the event with the light box display were great because you really got to appreciate the colors at its most vivid state.
I completely fell in love with the sweet pastel shades for the 'Candy Cookie'! I almost wish that the sunset collection was offered in the mini version as well!

With the big sis! Alexandra! posing with all the beautiful candy bags!
with Agri! <3 How cute is her little cookie!!

After seeing the four personalities put together their furla candy bags, I couldn't wait but get in there and design my own too!
off we go to the CandyBrissima Creative Laboratory!
Step 1
I began my candy bag creation process with picking a base piece, I almost immediately fell in love with this pearl/beaded bottom piece--> and if you know me personally, you would know I'm all about the bright bold colors! but I really wanted to do something different for a change. I think you see where this is going!
Step 2
 I had to pick the body piece of the bag!
There were so many choices! I paced back and forth at the wall but after a good amount of time,  I finally saw one that I knew would be perfect for what  I wanted to create! I ended up picking a piece that featured these beautiful fringe embellishments.
Step 3
now, that I finished picking the two main components, it was time to put the pieces together! You're probably wondering, where is the handle Tammy?
Sorry>.< totally forgot to take an individual picture of the handle but I picked a very simple white handle because I didn't want it to distract the overall design of my bag!
Step 4
Time for accessories!! I came across a little hair clip on piece and I thought! yay! how perfect!! I clipped it on the handle and got another beaded chain to create a headband ;) do you see where this is going?

All finished!
Now it's time for the big reveal!
I'm sure it is no surprise to you that I loved The Great Gatsby movie-> but of course, I love the book first and foremost-> but I won't go into that in this post! sharing my love for The Great Gatsby in another post! so stay tune for that. 
Well.... since I love the fashion of the 1920s so much [#Ithinkyouseewhereimgoingwiththis] and the flapper, jazz age, Yep! you guessed it! I thought it would be cool to make a little candy flapper;)

Here's is the final product!
The Candy Flapper!!

I had so much fun at the Furla event with my big sis Alex, and was amazing meeting people! Agri, Clarissa, you guys are too cool ;) I hope we all get to catch up soon!:D
Sorry it took me so long to write up this post!
I do have a few new blog posts lined up for the next few days! first.. meeting Peter Pilotto and his AFF show! <3

Tell me, which colors of the candy bag do you like most? Do you like the Candy[big] or the cookie[small] better?

Leave me a comment! I would love to hear from you!

Toodles till later

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