Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Obsession : Titanic Ballet Pumps

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Okay, if you don't know already, I'm completely obsessed with Titanic.
Always have, always will be.
I've watched this movie over a hundred times, no jokes!
And when I say, hundred- I really do mean, beginning of movie to the end. ;)

Remember the scene where Rose says,
"So you think you so tough? Let's see you do this!"
and does that ballet/tip toe stunt?
Well check out these awesome shoes from Alexander McQueen
Major jaw dropping moment for me

Look at the ballet ribbon detailing in the front, just subtle, nothing too bold or cliche.
What a combination, and what symbolism in a pair of shoes!
The soft delicate ballet front to the strong ship metal hinge detailing on the heels.
This pair of amazing pumps are a woman's dream come true, and everything a woman can hope to be; strong through a delicate art form.

in love?
I know I am.

Speaking of that, the awesome Titanic exhibition is definitely worth a visit, I'm not sure where it is in the world at the moment but definitely google it! and if you're lucky, it just might be in a city near you;)
You can catch a glimpse of the Grand Staircase!:)

Oh wait, one more thing. I'm absolutely in love with Carly Rose Sonenclar's version of My heart will go on:) I've embedded it so you can enjoy it too <3 ah. amazing talent! Didn't think I could love this song anymore than I already did!

toodles till later

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