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A tribute to the Royal Wedding

Congratulations to the Royal Couple for the baby news! <3<3<3
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I thought I would re-publish this post on this blog because I had the privilege of catching a glimpse of the amazing Royal Couple this year at the Raffles hotel! 
I will write an update and also blog about the Lifetime movie based on their real-life story! but for now, check this out:) Let's have a walk down memory lane!
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Hello hello

This is a special edition for well.. my blog:) If you may call it, a royal edition
I apologize for the lack of post, I've just been so busy with errands, interviews and well, school!
As the countdown began for the Royal Wedding of the former Miss Kate Middleton and Prince William; common tweets began to trend, the much anticipated event was soon going to commence.
Unfortunately, I was out during the period of the LIVE telecast of the wedding because it was my best friend's birthday! but I did almost immediately turn on my television to catch my recorded version when I got home that night. Gotta love cable tv;)

The wedding was beautiful, I reckon it was such a breathtaking moment for the world as Prince William slid the ever beautiful Princess Diana's engagment ring onto Kate's ring finger. I loved every moment of the wedding. I don't know if any of you caught it when Kate finally joined Prince William on the alter and he smiled and told her, "you look beautiful." tres cute!

So the popular questions trending twitter and well.. everywhere are, "What do you think about the dress?", " What do you think about Kate's wedding dress?", "What did you think about the choice of designer?"

Personally, I think it was perfect, absolutely perfect. The wedding dress was stunning and Kate's entire look was just so fresh and subtle. Let's have a look at the wedding dress shall we!

I guess this is in some ways a did you know huh? well.. Did you know that the famous royal wedding dress was created by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Apparantly, the wedding train was 8-foot long! and where do I even begin with how beautiful the lace long sleeves were!

May I add, her make up was quite beautiful. She was definitely glowing! It was quite a natural palette with just a touch of color to bring the entire bridal look together!:)
The earrings that she was wearing was given to her by her parents, inspired by the tiara! The tiara is lent from the Queen herself, "halo" Cartier tiara.

There has been lots of comparison to Grace Kelly's(then, Princess of Monaco) wedding dress but you know, after all those comments, yeah, I suppose I see a similarity.
But what I think they share in common is their poise, elegance and class. This dress is so timeless, and effortlessly beautiful.

How beautiful is Kate's sister's dress? It's also from Alexander McQueen.
Here's another [Did you know], Did you know that Cameron Diaz wore the same dress in red?

Questions about the royal wedding dress was on an all time high as it trended twitter, flooded facebook and magazines and of course, there was no doubt that the Princess's wedding dress was breathtaking but what was even more exciting was how amazing Pippa Middleton, maid of honor, sister looked in her ivory Alexander McQueen dress!
Honestly, it doesn't bother me that "someone else wore it" previously, because in my opinion I think these two dresses express these two ladies in their own elegant way. I'm in loveeeeeee with this dress, you have no idea! look at the button details at the back! loves it!

To finish off this post, let me leave you with this!
"In honor of the Royal Wedding, I present you... My royal NAILS! CONGRATS!"
-Katy Perry-

Pretty awesome huh? haha.

"She is very elegant. The dress is classic... She's radiant, she never was so beautiful." -Karl Lagerfeld
Indeed she is!!:)

So you guys; dress, fashion, ring aside. This was a remarkable event that we've all been privileged enough to witness one way or another, either flying all the way there to be there in person or watching it with your best friends on the couch. Can you believe it? Prince William is married, it was like yesterday my middle school friends were giggling over their little crush. It was such a beautiful and flawless wedding, a real-life fairytale.

So tell me, what was your favorite moment from the Royal wedding?

Congratulations to the Royal couple once again!
toodles till later

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