Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tech Fash : Marc by Marc Jacobs : Animal iPhone covers

Hello hello!

I guess, first off... I can tell you, hi my name is Tammy and I'm a shopaholic for anything and everything Marc Jacobs.
I am completely obsessed with these new phone covers from Marc by Marc Jacobs. My absolute BIGGEST regret was not buying the Miss Marc phone cases, well.. in my defense, I didn't have an iPhone then! why oh why.. would you be upset by a phone case Tammy? because... I am absolutely in love with the Miss Marc doll! and my biggest dream is to become the Miss Tammy doll hahaha-> ambitious much? hey! I kinda look like her! well at least that's what my friends tell me! and a girl can dream right;)
The newer logo iPhone covers that were available right after the Miss Marc collection were super cute but I didn't think it perhaps had enough character for me!

Enough of me going on and on about my obsession with Marc Jacobs because seriously, this could go on for pages!
Without further ado...
Check out these TOTALLY adorable animal cases with of course the fantastic Marc by Marc Jacobs twist;)!

How cute are they!! The 3 in the middle are my favorites! but... that didn't mean that I didn't like the owl and zebra so that didn't narrow it down for me at all!  I couldn't decide at all which one to get but when I was on I saw the exclusive version! and decided that would be my FIRST one to buy! After receiving my first cover, I decided to buy myself the pink bunny too! If you ask me.. I most probably will end up collecting all of them! haha

This is what the exclusive version from shopbop looks like!
haha, this picture is from my instagram. How cute is the kitty case? and my little doggy!
Sorry, dog not included lol

If you are interested in this version, feel free to click on the image above, it'll lead you straight to the Shopbop link where I got it!

Other than iPhone covers, these designs are also available in iPad, USB versions! so no worries if you don't have an iPhone 4 or 4S; you can still join in on the animal design fun!:) These iPhone covers are currently retailing for 48 USD [including the exclusive shopbop version]

Shopbop Experience: Always a pleasure shopping with Shopbop, super fast shipping! and the shipping overseas is only 10 dollars! incredibly impressed, so I definitely recommend it!

hope you enjoyed this quick tech fash update!

So tell me! Which one would you collect? or are you like me and want them all!

Toodles till later

Monday, November 26, 2012

Did you know? : Chanel Flower

Hello hello,

Yes... you must have expected this, a typical generic post about Chanel but hear me out, take a chance.
Tell me, don't google your way out of this! What is the white signature flower that is seen on [Chanel slippers, cardigans, attached as an accessory to dress up another accessory] called?

Do you remember the day when you realized that, that white flower wasn't a rose? Your quick glances over the white flower has registered as the wrong species in your mind.

Here comes the [DID YOU KNOW]

Did you know that the white flower that is now considered as a Chanel signature is actually a white camellia. The white camellias symbolizes love and faithfulness in Asia. Before making the famous white Camellia a Chanel feature, It had great meaning to Gabrielle Chanel. Being her favorite flower, Chanel incorporated it into many of her designs and can be seen widely used in many items, even today. The white camellia isn't just a flower, it has become a revolution, a symbol for woman, purity, beauty, and elegance. The timeless beauty, love and classic flower has truly made an ever lasting impact in the design world. It's as if someone has permanently snapped a photograph of a beautiful Camellia, freezed a moment in time, when the flower blooms at its peak.
For a moment, it takes your breath away.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”-Gabrielle Chanel 

Like every Designer, inspiration can come from the smallest details in life, the seemingly most unremarkable events or in this case even a flower. Being in design school, I've heard many times over how tacky a flower is, or how making something that is already beautiful more beautiful is ridiculous. You know what I have to say to that? don't listen to any of that, absolutely anything can inspire you as long as you allow it to. The sky isn't the limit.

Good Luck

toodles till later

Friday, November 23, 2012

I love: SpiritHoods

Pictures are all from external sources,

Since this post was posted on my blog exactly on the same day a year ago on November 24th!! I thought it was appropriate to repost this!
You can go check out my old blogs, and the original blog link here! I'll be posting more from the old blog, you're probably thinking, ->tammy just import the blog, I tried and it doesn't work:( so I'll have to do it manually!

hello hello!

Omg, obsessed yet AGAIN. what's new, really.
Before I even begin this post, let me just say, this blog post is animal friendly! faux fur only zone:)
Okay, these awesome "animal" caps have been around for AGES and I've never really been a fan of it like my best friend Kiyoko has been, I think she has a cat one
Recently I stepped into one of my favorite little stores in Melbourne, Lenko and spotted these awesome Spirithoods.
Have been TOTALLY obsessed with them ever since.
They are just the most comfy and soft things in the world. I could totally fall asleep in it.
So before we view some photos, I'm going to give you a little background information:).

You're... probably wondering...
What is..
Pro Blue?

As quoted from the official website,
We believe in inspiring positive change, and the truth is we can all help, this is why we have created PRO BLUE! When you purchase a SpiritHood with the PRO BLUE logo, we donate 10% of net profits to a non-profit organization dedicated to helping that particular Spirit animal. A major goal of ours is to educate people on the importance of helping these animals and empower them to make a difference.

looveeeee it! :) all for a good cause
Now, let's get into the exciting part! Let's look at some Spirithoods!
Since there are way too many of them to show you one by one, I've done a thumbnail screenshoot of all of them so you get the basic idea and after I'll show you a few celebrities that have been spotted rocking some Spirithoods!

Already at a glance, you can see the PROBLUE logo on some of the pictures
Aren't they cute!! I'm definitely loving the Red Fox, Husky, Leopard, Black Wolf Warrior and Panda! I lied, I actually really like them all and would totally wear all of them out.
Other than Womens, they also have other categories such as men, disney muppets and kids.

Check out some of your favorite celebrities rocking these awesome Spirithoods!
Demi Lovato

Michelle Phan


Bruno Mars, Fergie and I think that's Ke$ha

Jared Leto

Before I finish, CHECK OUT the muppet kermit!!!!!!

So tell me! which one would you want?
For more information on Spirithoods, check out their official website
if you're in Melbourne and would like to purchase a SpiritHood, visit Lenko
Cathedral Arcade, Corner Flinders Lane & Swanston St, Melbourne
+61 (03) 9077 2177

Alternatively, you could also purchase from Lenko online, maybe the shipping is cheaper if you're within Australia.
Check out my best friend's blog on problue!!! she's got many more new designs of the spirithoods on her blog post! as obviously, my blog post was from a year ago! :)
Dream big my loves
toodles till later

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hear It: Who Says

 **Remember, remember you don't need to be a member to comment, feel free to  chat in the chatterbox:)
So... I totally figured out why some of you guys can't post comments!:( something is just weird with the comment section when you put your name, you could leave your [name] as anonymous and still leave your website and name at the end of your message and I'll know who you are!:) so that'll be an easy way for commenting!

Hello hello

I'm sorrrrry for the lack of post, I've been so jumpy for the past couple of days, but thank you for all your messages:) My Mom is safe and back in Singapore.
I wanted to do kind of a video/photo blog today because I'm absolutely in love with this song. yes! I'm in love with Who says by Selena Gomez and you can quote me on that!:)
It's such an inspiring song and I think we all need to hear this sometimes to remember, who says? and most of all. Who cares! We may not be beauty queens but we're beautiful us.
I screen-shot what I thought were the most beautiful and inspiring moments of the video, of course pictures can only do so much, it's always best to watch the real clip that is at the end of this post:) I would really appreciate if you linked back if you decide to copy any of the images because it took me quite a lot of time to print screen every single frame.:)
I've actually liked this song way before the music video came out and after I watched the video premiere the other day, I just fell absolutely in love with this song+music video.

Who says?
It's like a work of art, that never gets to see the light, keep you beneath the stars and won't let you touch the sky.

I wouldn't wanna be anybody else.
You made me insecure
Told me I wasn't good enough but who are you to judge?
When you're a diamond in the rough.
I'm sure you got some thing, you'd like to change about yourself but when it comes to me.
I wouldn't want to be anybody else.

I'm no beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me.

You've got every right
To a beautiful life.

Who says you're not perfect
Who says you're not worth it
who says you're the only one that's hurting
Trust me, that's the price of beauty.
Who says you're not pretty
Who says you're not beautiful
Who says?

Don't judge a book by its cover.

It's such a funny thing.
How nothing's funny when it's you.
You tell 'em what you mean
But they keep whiting out the truth.

It's like a work of art. That never gets to see the light. Keep you beneath the stars. Won't let you touch the sky.

True beauty lies beneath the surface

Who says you're not star potential?
Who says you're not presidential?
Who says you can't be in movies?

Listen to me, listen to me.
Who says you don't pass the test?
Who says you can't be the best?
Who said? who said?
Would you tell me who said that?

Who says you're not perfect
Who says you're not worth it
Who says you're the only one that's hurting.
Trust me
That's the price of beauty
Who says you're not pretty
Who says you're not beautiful
Who says?

Smile:) you're too pretty to frown
I hope this photo/video blog has inspired you as much it has inspired me.
Wipe off that make up and enjoy a day in the sun:) Just be beautiful you:)

I'm no beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me.
toodles till later
Original post from my old blog:)

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