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Reinspired: Did you know? Filip Pagowski

Hello hello

Perhaps my favorite thing about blogging is the documentation of inspiration over the years. Blogging has allowed me to learn and share the inspiration, I've decided to repost some of my old blog post, this was probably one of my favorite category I use to write; [Did you know?]. I would like to continue this series but to begin, here's an old but incredibly inspiring post:)
The old webpage is linked at the end of this post if you're interested in checking out my old blog.

Without further ado, lets begin!

Do you remember there would be days you swear everyone is wearing the same thing, that same heart T-shirt but...can't quite put a finger on the designer? Well Did you know that the famous Heart bug eyed logo is from the line PLAY by Comme des Garcons. PLAY is a line that was designed for a younger target audience, including casual streetwear like t-shirts, sweaters and vest but stop right there, that's not the [Did you know] for the day, read on:)  

You might have already known that previous little fun fact but let me ask you another question. Do you know how or who designed the famous Heart bug eye logo that is taking over the streets?
Here comes the [DID YOU KNOW]

Did you know that the famous Heart bug eye we know and love today is actually a collaboration with a New York graphic artist by the name of Filip Pagowski. Before the famous PLAY logo was established, Filip Pagowski actually worked closely with Comme des Garcons because his wife, Dovanna was a fashion model in the 80s. The most interesting part about this inspiring story is that, through all these mini collaborations when Rei Kawakubo [the founder of Comme des Garcons] finally discovered Filip, she had no idea that Filip had actually done so much with Comme des Garcons previously. Filip was asked for a collaboration based on his work, no strings attached, no social connections. Filip described the process of the creation of the famous PLAY logo to be rather spontaneous. An inspiration that was not preharps connected to anything but an idea of a red heart with eyes. It was immediately drawn out and it was FIRST DRAFT! raw, uneditted, the purest form of art and an idea.

What’s funny, is that Rei Kawakubo, did not realize I did all these things with CdG before. She “discovered” my work and wanted to use me based on that and not on some social connection. The PLAY logo happened just like that! I remember working on something, while all of a sudden not connected to anything, I got this idea of a red heart with a set of eyes. I drew it instantaneously and the first draft was it. The rest is history. - Filip Pagowski

PLAY heart image happened simultaneously with, but independently of the creation of the PLAY line. It’s as if we both were affected subliminally by each other’s work. I submitted it for another CdG project, for which it never made it, but eventually it resurfaced; making bigger waves as a logo for the PLAY line.-Filip Pagowski

Over the years, I've heard the saying countless times, "it's who you know that matters" but is it really? Forgive me for saying this, but personally, I think that the saying actually makes the real hardwork inferior. Believe in youself, do it for yourself because hardwork always pays off, I promise. Filip has proven that statement, true talent always shines through. If you're constantly dwelling over the fact that people can't see your hardwork, you're doing it for the wrong reasons. Awards,accolades, being recognized may be great but they're temporary, if you've done your best then hey, you've got a great porfolio, no one can take your talent away. It's a win-win situation. Recognitions are just a cherry on top. The greatest victory is not to end up at the finish line but know that you did it the right way to get there. I promise, it feels so rewarding to know that you didn't need any social networking/connection, mumblejumbo to get to where you want to be. Talent and hardwork is irreplaceable.:)

Check out more of Filip Pagowski's work, website and portfolio, it's absolutely amazing!

Good Luck
Be inspired, don't be afraid to dream.
toodles till later

Old blog post :

Sunday, September 9, 2012

SG churp out!

hello hello!
It is truly amazing to reflect on the series of wonderful events that have just happened to me recently, basically, all in a row!
Sorry that my blogging schedule is still taking off slowly but I’m still getting back into the hang of it after everything that has happened.
Before I begin this post, I just wanted to say that I am so grateful for everything that has happened to me recently, I can’t possibly emphasize that enough.  I’m incredibly overwhelmed by the love, support and just so truly humbled by all the amazing things that have fallen into place for me. Thank you to everyone that have been part of this journey, so much love. I guess because I’ve been in so much excitement in the past month or so, I’ve been too excited to blog? make any sense? haha
Anyways, since so much has happened, I reckon I would just blog reverse chronologically, beginning with SG churp out from Saturday!
First and foremost, here’s a big shout out to Churp SG! Thank you so much again and again for inviting Kiyoko and I to SG Churp out! We had such an amazing time, and everything is always a thousand times better when you get to share it with your bestie so thank you for inviting us both! Everyone was just so filled with warm welcomes and love.

Kiyoko and I finally got to meet Yutaki! He seriously has the best photoblogs, you guys need to check it out! It was also my first time meeting Miyake after reading her blog for such a long time now! so pretty and cute! It was also so great to see Sophie again–> incredibly pretty, and all things nice! The three of them are just such wonderful, humble beings; and it was amazing hanging out with them at iDarts Senso bar!

 Kiyoko and I started with a game of darts! I’ve never played darts in my life but guess what! I’m not that bad! This is pretty much the FIRST and only game I’ve EVER beaten Kiyoko at! haha Queen of Games!

haha. Yutaki and Sophie were so amazing at darts! right close to the bullseye!!

Yutaki and Sophie were AMAZING at darts! Incredibly close to the bullseye so many times! I know people kept insisting that it’s merely the fact that they’ve got long arms as an advantage but I beg to differ! It takes skills to throw a dart!
Soon, it was time to feast!

Thank you Perkies for providing such a variety of food! was soo good! Sorry I didn’t get to take any pics! but do head over to Kiyoko’s blog and you’ll find some awesome food photos! personally, I was in love with the corn dog, so cute that they’re named corn puppies; and I would have been obsessed with the cotton candy too if I had eaten it there! haha came home and had it late at night, pretty much completely fell in love with the cotton candy! I need more more more!
We also had a game session! Kiyoko and I both won churpie USBs for drawing Sophie, Yutaki and Miyake!

Was seriously such a pleasure meeting all of you guys yesterday!:) Thank you for making it such a memorable day for Kiyoko and I ♡♡ lots of love.
I just realized I didn’t get to take a polaroid with Miyake! :( Soooo pretty and nice, I’m really glad I finally got to meet you in real life!!

 Pretty Sophie!:) was sooo awesome talking to you yesterday! hope we see you again soon lovely! ♡ Thank you for the polaroid!!
 You’re so incredibly nice, such an amazing person! Really honored that I finally got to meet you! Thank you for the polaroid;) best of luck at NS!!
Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you again to everyone at Churp churp that made SG churp out awesome! Do check out Sophie, Miyake, Yutaki and of course my best friend Kiyoko‘s blog!To end, a photo with everyone!:) Stole the picture from Kiyoko’s blog! hehe

We love all the new friends we’ve made a SG churp out! <3
toodles till later

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