Thursday, August 23, 2012

[Picture Diary] Hong Kong in photos

I had so much fun in Hong Kong! The last time I was in Hong Kong was in 2008! I was only a teen then and in less than a week I’ll be 22! In 2008, I had just graduated from High School and 4 years later, I’m now waiting for my graduation ceremony in December from University! Time flies is such an understatement. The four day trip to Hong Kong was awesome and definitely much needed! I visited a few of my favorite places and met up with some old friends! The food was awesome! I haven’t had so much dimsum in a very very long time! I took lots of photos of IFC because I love batman! don’t judge! I was such a tourist this time! Thank you to everyone that made my Hong Kong trip so incredibly special and fun! next goal- brush up my cantonese! See you soon Hong Kong <3
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Toodles till later

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Starting a new chapter

Hello hello

Saying that it has been forever is definitely an understatement.
2012 has been filled with a whirlwind of events; unexpected, difficult, confusing, scary but I would be lying if I said it was all horrible.

All through the first quarter of this year, I had all these hopes and dreams for 2012 as we all made our hopeful wishes as we welcomed the New Year, little did I know how different all those events would play out in the next 3 months.

Rather than dwelling over the series of unfortunate events and spilling my heart out over things I can never change; lets’ embrace it, change where you stand, you might be surprise by the viewpoint:)
After the series of event, I’ve found myself unable to move on, unmotivated to blog, to inspire, as I’ve completely trapped myself in fixing all that was wrong but sometimes, all we can hope for, is to move on. I am extremely grateful to my family, friends and to everyone out there that have given me a boost when I needed it the most.

Previously, I’ve blogged on but I’ve decided to move, I love my distortedframes blog and I’ve been extremely humbled by the love and support I’ve been given, moreover it has truly touched my heart how I’ve been able to inspire some of you. Thank you so much for everything, distortedframes will always have a special place in my heart but like they always say, all good things must come to an

Don’t see it as an end rather a brand new exciting journey to begin.
I’ve decided to begin the next chapter of my blogging journey on Illuminated Bubbles. I will explain in further details for the name choice so stay tune for that:) will be more of a personal blog, with a week in photos -> instagram craze of course, my daily inspiration, my art, design journey, my hopes, my dreams, my daily life lessons and random rambles; basically this blog will be a diary of my journey through art, fashion, inspiration and of course life. Told you distorted frames was still here:)

Thank you for all the support through emails and twitter in the past three months, to my distortedframes family, I hope you’ll join me at our new home Illuminated Bubbles, I hope all our dreams will be illuminated. Dream big my loves.

Many hugs
Toodles till later
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