Friday, June 3, 2011

Vera Wang: Love Struck ♥ Leighton Meester

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I screenshotted the frames you'll see in this blog post from the original Vera Wang, Love Struck ad. It would be amazing if you credited this blog post if you would like to use any of the screenshots I've done! :) thank you!

Hello hello

I've always been a fan of perfume commercials, you can only imagine my excitment when I found out Leighton Meester is the new face of Vera Wang's new perfume, Love Struck.
Ahhhh yesss, Blair Waldorf, the girl we all love to hate but secretly know she's pretty darn fabulous.-Having a Little J moment? haha Gossip Girl jokes aside, I've always thought Leighton Meester has such an elegant look, I'm so glad that she is finally the face of a label, even better, Vera Wang!:D

Love Struck by Vera Wang
“All about being overwhelmed, inexplicably, hopelessly in love. Allowing yourself to feel passion inspite of yourself, the situation, the repercussions. A new definition of Romeo and Juliet! Sexy, sensual, and unstoppable!” -Vera Wang

So I thought to myself.. What better way to explain the commercial than to do a little romantic photoblog with screenshots from the official commercial. Watch the official Vera Wang, Love Struck Commercial at the end of this post:)

Let's begin shall we!

The commercial begins with Leighton in a rose colored, almost petal-like dress as she stands at a fire escape waiting for her lover to arrive. I'm abso-freakin-lutely IN LOVE with the almost sepia, vintage like hue lighting! It is such a beautiful combination next to the rich wine colored dress.
It's such a juxtaposition if you think about it, an elegant dress, fire escape but you know if anyone can pull it off, Leighton Meester would be the one.

As she waits for her lover to arrive.... He's running with a bouquet of roses, um.. perfect shade of roses much? red is so yesterday! loving this!

For you make up lovers, thought this would be fun for you! absolutely in love with her make up. It's gorrrgeous!

He's finally here!

The magic moment when they meet! and she throws the roses down!

and creates a rose petal shower! maagggiccaaal.

I'm in luuuuurrrrrvvvveeee with this ad campaign picture of Love Struck, check it out.
I love that her dress is basically a well.. dress version of the perfume bottle! Classy, beautiful and pretty breathtaking if I say so myself!

Believe it or not, it actually took me 1 hour to screenshot these images because it was so difficult catching the exact moment and sometimes it would be blurrrrrrry! so it would be niceeeee if you could credit back to this blog post if you wanted to reuse the specific images from this blog post:) Please and thank you!:)

Check out the actual video, I promise you won't regret it!
Wondering what the scent is?
According to sources, the scent was inspired by Romeo and Juliet, " the sparkling floral fragrance is a sensual blend of pink guava, angelica blossom, tuberose and sheer musk"
And for all of you perfume lovers that just can't WAIT to get your hands on Love Struck, love struck will hit shelves in August 2011. So mark your calendars darlings!
I hope you enjoyed this
So tell me, have you been Love Struck?

Toodles till later
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